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How To Choose The Right Furniture When You Have A Dog At Home

Many people have a pet in their family, but you have to be aware of many things when you have a dog at home. One of them is choosing the right sort of furniture from your bedroom to your living room. In this post, you will learn which items are the best to decide to keep your dog comfortable and dissuade them from chewing your possessions to pieces.

Dogs Can Damage Furniture In Several Ways

The first step in understanding what the right furniture to buy is, is to know how your dog can damage your furniture in the first place.

They Tear Fabrics With Their Claws

It is common for dogs to damage furniture fabric with their claws. It is more likely to happen in loosely woven textiles like wool than in tightly woven fabrics, and some furniture types are more susceptible to this than others.

Using Their Claws To Scratch Wood

When a dog climbs up and down a chair, table, ottoman, or couch, they can scratch the wooden parts, which can cause pretty severe damage over time.


You may find your dog enjoying chewing on the legs of your beloved chair when it’s bored, irritated, or anxious. You can usually resolve this by ensuring you provide enough physical and mental stimulation.

Ruining Furniture with Urine or Saliva

Drooling pets may leave huge stains on the fabric of couches and chairs. Pee can also be a concern; even the most well-behaved pets can drip a few droplets of urine on the couch when they return inside.

Pushing Over Furnishings

If your pets are particularly boisterous, they may knock your furnishings around. While playing, they may even crash little tables or chairs. This is especially concerning since it may not only harm your furnishings but also pose a safety risk to your pets. 

How To Choose Your Furnishings When You Own A Dog

Now that you know how your dog can damage your things, the next step is to buy the right furniture that is as dog-proof as possible.

Beds And Bedding

If you are the type of person who allows your dog free reign of your house, they will inevitably end up in your bedroom at one point or another. However, your bed can be an expensive purchase that you don’t want your dog to ruin. Therefore, you will need to take some precautions when choosing a bed for your bedroom. Size is the first consideration you should have as a bed that is too large for your room will end up being ruined by your dog trying to move around the room. If you are unaware of what sizes are best for your specific room dimensions, you can use a bed size chart which will provide you with exact measurements of the different types. The next step is to choose durable bedding that can not only withstand your dog’s claws but also be durable enough to handle multiple washes. If your dog sleeps on your bed, you will have to wash it more frequently than you would otherwise.

Look For Easy To Clean Materials

Every pet gets dirty or leaves a few drops of urine on the couch from time to time, so choose pet-friendly, easy-to-clean furniture where possible. Choosing synthetic, denim, or leather upholstery for your furniture will make your life far simpler as these materials are easier to keep clean than others.

Choose Hard-Wearing Materials

As discussed previously, dogs tend to have sharp claws and teeth, and most tend to make use of them. This is particularly prevalent in puppies where they are teething and simply want to play all the time. Nonetheless, adult dogs will still chew and scratch occasionally. Therefore, you should choose materials that can withstand this onslaught. If you cannot stop your dog from chewing or you find that they constantly chew specific items, you can either spray these things with liquid that is non-toxic but unpalatable for dogs or try to train them to chew a particular toy. It will take some time and effort, but the payoff will be worth it.

Pick Furniture That Matches Their Hair Color

This option doesn’t really fix the issue rather than paint over the cracks, but it can be helpful nonetheless. Choosing products that are the same color as your pet is one of the simplest ways to keep your furnishings looking beautiful. Do you own a chocolate lab? Get a dark brown sofa for your living room. Do you have a border collie that is black and white? Invest in a black-and-white reclining chair. In addition, patterned materials tend to hide hair and scratches better than solid-colored fabrics.

What Are The Best Materials For Dog Owners?

In addition, it’s essential to know which materials are ideal for dog owners. This will give you an insight into what you should look for when replacing or purchasing new furniture in the future.


Canvas is a simple yet sturdy fabric that is suitable for use with dogs. Canvas sofas will generally withstand your pet’s claws and are unlikely to be ruined by bodily fluids. Although canvas isn’t commonly used for inside furniture, it might make sense to use it if your furniture is frequently damaged.


Leather is typically used to create clothing, shoes, upholstery, furniture, and bags. It is exceptionally robust and generally easy to clean. The main downside is that it is more costly than other options.

Synthetic Fibers

Pet-proof sofas are often made from a range of synthetic fibers, notably polyester, nylon, and acrylic. They are more affordable than other materials, easy to clean, and usually hard-wearing…everything you want in dog-resistant furniture!


Microsuede is a synthetic fiber that is often used in the production of clothing and furniture. Since its launch, this synthetic fiber has been steadily increasing in popularity. This is partly because of its durability and low-maintenance properties, such as resistance to moisture and stains.

Having a dog at home is a great way to keep yourself and your dog happy. You will get plenty of exercise, and it’ll be a lot of fun. Just get the right furniture, and you’ll be set!