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Best Dog Food Containers

Best Dog Food Containers

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Few people take dog food in small, disposable bags, the contents of which are eaten immediately. It’s more economical to buy large packages so that they last for a long time.

Moreover, dry products (cereals, grain, dog food) are stored for a long time. The dog food container looks like a plastic container where you can place food supplies for your pet.

It is convenient both in storage and in use than stuffing a bag into a cupboard, then pouring it into a bowl from it. In our list, there is a huge selection of these products at affordable prices.

Top Dog Food Containers

IRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Editor’s Choice

IRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

We present you a convenient way to store food to maintain its freshness. IRIS is a plastic container for storing dry food, pasta, rice, cookies, with a lid that fits tightly to the body, a convenient handle for opening, and a double gasket.

This capacious container made of durable plastic keeps freshness and aroma of forage for a long time thanks to a dense cover.

Three pieces of different sizes are available. With the IRIS airtight storage containers, you will provide a long supply of feed for your pet.

APetProject Small Pet Food Server & Storage Box

Best Decorative Dog Food Container

APetProject Small Pet Food Server & Storage Box

What we liked the most in this dog food storage is its unique combination of food server and storage. Due to its construction, your pet will never have uncomfortable eating as far as the height of this container prevent neck strain and promote healthy digestion.

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container

Best Airtight Dog Food Container

Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container

Apart from interesting and eye-catching design, large airtight storage containers of this company perform its functions for 100%.

The dry food container closes tightly and hermetically, preserving the nutritional properties of the food for your pet. It is equipped with a special lock. With it, it is convenient to hold, carry, and put dry food.

OurPets Store-N- Feed Adjustable Raised Dog Bowl Feeder

Best Store and Feed Dog Food Container

OurPets Store-N- Feed Adjustable Raised Dog Bowl Feeder

The proprietary dog food holder from the manufacturer of dry dog ​​food OurPets is used to store up to 15-pound dry dog food conveniently.

OurPets dog food container is made of high-quality plastic, designed specifically for storing dry food. The hermetically sealed lid retains all the taste and useful properties of dry food. Convenient handles on the sides for easy movement of the container. The smell of fresh meat of lamb or chicken will please your pet for a long time.

The stylish design and compact dimensions of the container fit perfectly into any interior.

Buddeez Medium Fresh Dry Dog Food Plastic Container

Best Budget Pick

Buddeez Medium Fresh Dry Dog Food Plastic Container

Buddeez dog food bin is a sealed plastic container for storing dry pet food. Keeps food fresh and fragrant protects from moisture and insects.

The container is made of smooth, high-quality non-toxic plastic, which is safe for food, has excellent wear-resistant characteristics, is easy to clean and wash. The body of the product is rectangular, which provides compact placement of the container in a convenient place for you. For comfortable gripping and moving the container on the sides, handles are provided.

In these models, the cover is made monolithic and does not have an additional hole for the distribution of feed. On the inside of these models of containers, there is a mount for a measuring bucket for feed (supplied).

Other Dog Food Containers

Large Fresh Dry Dog Food Plastic Storage Container

Large Fresh Dry Dog Food Plastic Storage Container

This large dog food container is intended for tight storage of dry pet food. It keeps the food fresh and aromatic, protects from moisture, contact with air, and insects. The container is made of non-toxic food grade plastic without bisphenol.

It features an ergonomic wear-resistant case, the wide hinged lid of vertical opening for feed loading, and an excellent lid fixation with durable latches.

Geyecete Dog Food Container

Geyecete Dog Food Container

The Geyecete is specially designed for storing feed and creates the best conditions for storing it.

It has an aesthetic appearance with a stylish logo, a sealed cover, spacious.

Storage should always be in a cool, dry place (5-18 degrees), not in direct sunlight, and in an airtight container, then the first portion of food will taste as good as the last.

It is made from sturdy eco-plastic designed for food.

Vittles Vault Outback 35 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

Vittles Vault Outback 35 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

This is a larger version of the Vittles container we reviewed above. Moreover, this holder has a different design, which is predicted by its dimensions.

What we liked the most is Vittles’ airtight lid technology, which prevents food from spoiling. Also, it is worth mentioning its high-quality materials.

What You Should Know Before Buying?

Since the container is to stand in the house, it is very important that it has a convenient shape, does not take up much space, and does not interfere with the passage, especially for large containers. In this sense, the absolute record for ergonomics is not round containers, but containers with a bottom in the form of an elongated rectangle or oval, that is, a flattened shape.

It is easy to slide such a gadget under the table, put it in some kind of non-functional gap between the furniture or just near the wall. When choosing a container, think in advance where it will stand with you, and look for a container of a suitable size in width and depth, and the volume will be determined by its height, which is not so critical.

If we talk about the appearance, then, basically, two options are presented on the market: either a one-color container of muffled flowers, like gray, or white, but decorated with painted or photographic portraits of animals. The latter looks very nice, but how much such a design will fit into the interior of your apartment if a large-volume container is on public display, you decide.

Who Should Buy Dog Food Storage Containers?

Everyone who has a pet should buy this product. Only imagine how food containers can ease the food serving. With it, you’ll forget about the inability to serve food without package damages and other inconvenient features.

What Type of Material is Best for Dog Food Storage Containers?

The market has three main options for the best dry food storage containers: plastic, steel, and wooden. Each of them is absolutely safe for animals and meet all the necessary requirements for maintaining dry food.


Plastic products are still more convenient. Firstly, they are lighter, and secondly, they can be made in various forms and equipped with useful additional details.

Stainless steel

Such containers, on the other hand, are most often a round tank with a tight lid, although you can sometimes find other shapes and more convenient locks, but as a rule, on containers of a very small volume.


Holders made of wood are more about the design than practicality. Usually, those who care about the interior buy containers to fit the overall look of the apartment. However, such products lose in terms of convenience and durability.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Food Fresh

Store Your Pet’s Foodstuff In A Cool, Dry Place

A sealed container, of course, significantly contributes to the preservation of dry food, but if you do not place it correctly, for example, near a central heating battery or in direct sunlight, then all the efforts of the manufacturers and your own means will be wasted.

This is especially true for steel containers, as the metal heats up much faster and holds the temperature better than plastic. Therefore, choose the coolest place in the house to place the container, and then it will fulfill its main function – it will preserve dry food and the health of your dog!

Use an Airtight, Resealable Dog Food Container

It would seem that a container for dry food for dogs is a very simple thing, but it turns out that it can be equipped with many additional features useful to the owner. For example, a lid – it’s clear that it should be, but it can be made very simple, reclining, pushing inward, like on cans of paint, or worn on top, like on many containers for bulk products, or you can equip it with a convenient snap-on lock, which is what most plastic container manufacturers do. Of course, the second is more convenient, especially if you care about the safety of nails and, more importantly, dry food.

It’s even more convenient when there are not one, but two covers: in the main one, which is opened over the entire area of ​​the tank, to make it more convenient to pour food there, one more, smaller one, is made only to scoop up a single portion of food. Of course, this is convenient, and most importantly, limits the time and area of ​​contact of the feed with air, which is very important for the preservation of the diet.

Make It A Habit To Reseal Your Pet’s Food Pack After Every Meal

It would seem that there is nothing complicated, but there are a few tricks. You can simply pour granules from the package into the container each time, and then close the lid tightly. But at the same time, it is important to remember that after each emptying of the container, the remaining crumbs must be shaken out of it and washed thoroughly, because the residues accumulated over a long time will inevitably deteriorate, and the bacteria multiplying in them will be happy to take for fresh food.

To save effort, you can do this: carefully cut off the top edge of the factory packaging of the feed, so that it completely occupies the entire volume of the container, and lower it inside. After emptying, you simply throw away the packaging and insert a new one, without bothering with excessive washing. Although, of course, sometimes it’s just necessary to clean the container, because some residues still appear at the bottom, not only bacteria, but also various insects tend to wind up “from the air.”


What temperature should dry dog food be stored?

It should be stored at approximately 5-18(22) degrees Celsius depending on the container.

Can dry dog food go stale?

Yes, when you store it contrary to the given recommendations.

How do you soften dry dog food up?

Softening dry food is pretty easy. Pour the food into a bowl, pour a little warm water, and leave it to stand for about 20–30 minutes. Remember that soaked food spoils quickly, so you do not need to soak dry food for puppies for several hours, and even more so at night (at room temperature).

What about canned dog food?

Canned dog food loses to dry food in terms of storage lasting period.

How many pounds of dog food does a 55-quart container hold?

It holds approximately 45 lbs.