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Best Dog Bandanas - Plenty of Options to Choose From and Important Questions Answered

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There are a lot of goods and accessories for dogs some of which may seem completely senseless. For example, what do you personally think about dog bandanas? At first glance, it really may seem just a cute add-on, but, underestimating this minimalistic piece of accessory is not so right. It does not only have an aesthetic role, but it can also be actually beneficial in heat or for stressed dogs. If the pet likes wearing a dog bandana on its neck, then there are all the reasons to let it do it. What is more, we have compiled this guide to help you with a choice and answer all your questions. 

The Top 5 of Dog Scarves That Your Dog Will Love

So, let’s find out what dog bandanas and scarves look like, and what are their main characteristics. Here are some leading manufacturers to consider. 

FUN PET 4 Pcs Triangle Dog Bandana Triangle Bibs

Editor’s Choice

FUN PET 4 Pcs Triangle Dog Bandana Triangle Bibs

Approximately $15 for four pieces of accessory is a bargain, isn’t it? The sets are intelligently put up so that they can match all kinds of dogs. According to the reviews, the scarves are made of quality fabric and do not cause any allergies. Even stocky doggies with thick necks will feel no discomfort. Dog with a bandana like this will definitely feel more confident on a walk. However, some buyers admit that the fact that this model doesn’t have a snap and the dog may chew the scarf.

Dog Bandanas – 6PCS Birthday Gift

Dog Bandanas - 6PCS Birthday Gift

Six pieces of bandanas are even more of a bargain than the previous option. The main advantage of this offer is that they are two-sided with a neat stitch. All the patterns are classic, stripy, or checked. Every dog wearing bandana will enjoy different colors and prints from this pack. Six two-sided scarves mean 12 looks in total, which leaves plenty of room for creative dressing-up. It will also work perfectly as a gift considering its universality. 

Dog Bandana, Bibs Scarf for Pet – 4Pcs

Dog Bandana, Bibs Scarf for Pet – 4Pcs

This ultimate set consists of 4 bibs, with completely different patterns, making it useful for all occasions. The main trick of this option is a bonus collapsible plate with a carabiner, thus you can even handle it on a leash. Lightweight fabric and silicone that the bowl is made of make it easy to use and make up a perfect summer set. The dog cooling bandana is triangle-shaped so that the pooch does not have two or more layers of fabric on its neck.

PAWCHIE Cute Dog Bandana 9 Pack

PAWCHIE Cute Dog Bandana 9 Pack

You would definitely not believe that such a deal even exists. These small dog bandanas come in a set of nine pieces and all of them have tropical prints. The fabric is of light color and in the form of a triangle, therefore it does not attract as much heat as dark fabric and does not form stiff fabric folds. According to customers’ reviews, there can sometimes be not straight stitching and occasional threads that can be trimmed, but those little downsides won’t impact your dog’s look.

TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana- 5pcs Washable Dog Bandanas

TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana- 5pcs Washable Dog Bandanas

Doggies with dog scarves are very cute. These are two-sided square bandanas for preferably small or medium dogs. The fabric is light so the owner should not be worried about the dog suffering in hot weather. By the way, they are very nicely packed, so this set of bandanas can be a great gift. Another advantage that makes it suitable for a present is the versatility of the prints, which are stiped and checked. 

Features to Consider When Buying Dog Bandana

Amazon alone offers a huge selection of dog bandanas! How to do the right thing when they are all so beautiful, attractive, and affordable? Here are a few factors to consider.


Some dog bandanas are simply not practical for everyday use. Dogs are animals after all and they tend to get dirty after messing around with their furry friends or just playing a fool. So picking a light-colored scarf with no clip on the ends is not the most ultimate option for a playful dog. Even though it is a relatively cheap product there is definitely no need to buy heaps of low-priced bandanas just for a variety. Choose wisely.

Some bandanas have one side, others have two. The second option is more practical. So try to find a set of two-sided dog bandanas with varied prints to form diversified dog looks. 


This is the case when size matters. Small, medium, large – every dog has its own neck size and hence needs a suitable bandana size. Triangle scarves that come in a set of 4 pcs by Fun pet are a great choice for smaller breeds, while 6 pcs birthday gift bandanas are more suitable for medium and large dogs. 

Attention! Never wear a bandana of a smaller size than needed on your dog’s neck, as this may interfere with free breathing.


If the product’s description does not include information about the washability of the products, then check the reviews. However, it depends on you as well. The more often you wash the scarf by hand or in a washing machine, the less sturdy dirt it will accumulate on itself over time. Some bandanas tend to decrease in size after several washings, so keep that in mind as well.

Cooling effect

There are bandanas with special technology to keep the dog cools while on a walk and they are, of course, more expensive. But there are also some typical square-shaped scarves that are made of a special fabric that maintains the water you sprinkle on it to keep the dog cool. 

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Even though the bandana is a fairly simple accessory, we still consider it necessary to answer userы questions. Here are the most common ones.

What are dog bandanas?

Dog bandanas are pieces of accessory for dogs that perform the aesthetic function for the most part, but as far as some of them have a cooling effect, they can be useful in a practical sense as well. It is for those who are not willing to burden their pets with fancy and uncomfortably clothing but still want to show the dog’s personality. Holiday dog bandanas can serve as a perfect gift, but also nice official wear. They come in square or triangular shapes, with a usual tie on the back or with clips. There are also different sizes for all dog breeds. Some of them even have a cooling effect.

What size is a dog bandana?

Cute dog bandana you saw on social media can be in your dog’s size as well. Different brands have their own sizes – keep that in mind while buying and check it in the good’s description. Here are the most common ones:

  • Small: 45 cm in length and about 18 cm in width. These are for the smallest breeds, like Chihuahua (some owners even put them on cats);
  • Medium: 52 cm in length and 26 cm in width. Suitable for pooches of small to medium sizes.
  • Large: 72 cm in length and 37 cm in width. These fit medium and medium to large dogs, like Cocker Spaniels and Boxers.
  • Extra-large: 1 m in length and 42 cm drop. For the biggest dogs out there.

Are dog bandanas safe?

Yes, they absolutely are. However, if your dog is reluctant to wear a bandana, then do not force it. A lot of dogs prefer them because they are cozier than their usual collars. They are not only harmless but can also be beneficial: 

  1. They can keep the dog warm. There are some warmer scarves and bandanas that will not let a small or sick dog freeze. 
  2. They can keep the dog cool. Dog bandanna with a cooling effect will prevent short-haired dogs from overheating. 
  3. They can release stress. Some owners poor a few drops of calming essences to help the pet cope with anxiety. 
  4. They can replace a bandage in the first aid. If your dog got into trouble while on a walk, a bandana can save it from losing too much blood or having infection into the wound. 

How can I put a bandana on my dog? 

First of all, there are kinds of creative and stylish ways to tie a dog’s bandana that you can easily look up on the Internet, however, the basics always remain the same:

  1. Fold a square dog kerchief in half to have a triangle, then tie it either on the neck or on the chest. Before tieing make sure that two of your fingers are freely come between a dog’s neck or the scarf itself to prevent the dog from choking or hooking on objects and losing the bandana. 
  2. For a velcro scarf, you just have to clip the hooks on the end. 

Should I remove my dog’s bandana at night?

It’s all up to you and depends on your dog’s habits and lifestyle. Some owners prefer to let the dog be free from any collar or scarf until they go on a walk. Others keep it on as far as the dog can run away and no one will know who it belongs to without a tag. 

There is no choking hazard during sleep if the bandana is not tight. But if taking the kerchief off does not cause too much struggle for the dog and the owner then it’s better to remove it as far as it can create some unnecessary fabric folds under the dog’s body that can affect the canine’s sleep. 

The fabric that the bandana is made of also plays a role. A stiff bandana may cause discomfort while sleeping, while a soft one will not even be felt at night. By the way, small dog bandanas even make little breeds feel cozier in their beds.

How does a cooling bandana work?

The main trick of a cooling bandana is the fabric that soaks water you drop on it and is able to keep in it for a long time. A reviewer’s tip is to fit the scarf to a dog, run it under water, place it into a freezer, preferably around a round tub of ice cream to retain the shape. After placing it onto a dog neck, it will not pant that much and be cooled for longer. Some low-quality cooling bandanas tend to fray after rapid usage, but best dog bandanas are not of those. 

Other Dog Bandas Worth Checking Out

Yes, we know that it is quite difficult to make a choice since there are too many cute models. However, we offer to be guided by quality first of all, so there are more alternatives to choose from. 

KZHAREEN 4 Pack Dog Bandanas Triangle

KZHAREEN 4 Pack Dog Bandanas Triangle

These cute dog scarves have a floral print in different colors.  This is a perfect fit for small and small to medium breeds. The manufacturer claims that even large cats will like this model. As for quality, the bandana is made of high-quality cotton, all seams and threads are securely masked, and moreover, the bandana also has a reverse side with a different floral print.

6 Pieces Dog Summer Bandana Hawaii Dog

6 Pieces Dog Summer Bandana Hawaii Dog

Although the summer print looks attractive, these dog scarves bandanas did not show them very well. Numerous comments claim that the fabric is a bit thin and low-grade. A canine can easily tear it up and it can demolish over time easily. The characteristics include that they fit medium and large dogs, but in reality, the size is a bit smaller so it is more suitable for smaller doggies. 

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana 4 Pack

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana 4 Pack

These are Odi style cool dog bandanas of a triangle shape, preferably for medium and smaller dogs. The customers also say that the fabric is not perfectly soft, but still light. The design is the same for all kerchiefs of the pack, colors are the only difference. 

Dog Bandana – 8 PCS Birthday Gift Washable Dog Bandana

Dog Bandana - 8 PCS Birthday Gift Washable Dog Bandana

Although these bandanas are all checked, the colors are all different and open a lot of room for experiments. As reported by the buyers, the cloth is light and soft at the same time. Their size is appropriate for small to medium pooches. By the way, they are reversible and have strong stitches. Dog with a bandana in plaid is stylish at all times.

SCIROKKO Hawaii Dog Bandanas 3 Pack

SCIROKKO Hawaii Dog Bandanas 3 Pack

Vivid summertime scarves made of breathable material will leave no dog indifferent. These are perfect variant for special occasions due to Hawaiian patterns. Although it is not made of natural cotton but light polyester, it does the job just right and no lamentation was heard from the clients. Pay attention to the fact that the biggest dogs may not fit in. Another pro is their washability which guarantees durability. 

Hegarty Dog Bandana, 4 PCS Reversible Dog Scarves

Hegarty Dog Bandana, 4 PCS Reversible Dog Scarves

The highlight feature of these dog bandannas is the material – 100% linen. Linen is the best material for heat as far as it is very delicate but also can be easily torn apart by the dog’s teeth. If your canine is not too aggressive with its clothes, then it is a good option to buy. It comes in one size which can be adapted to the dog’s needs. 

Mookis Dog Bandanas 3 Pack Reversible 

Mookis Dog Bandanas 3 Pack Reversible

Looking for a patriotic piece of clothing for the 4th of July? These two-sided cool dog bandana with an American flag is what you need. It is made of unique material, which is thick enough to last longer and thin enough causing no discomfort to the canine. One-size-fits-all and two-sided – what else can one wish for?

Lamphyface 2Pcs Dog Bandanas Bibs Scarfs

Lamphyface 2Pcs Dog Bandanas Bibs Scarfs

The opinions on this one diverge on the crossroads. There are comments that state that the product is poorly-made and boasts of its low-quality fabric. But on the other hand, the print with the American flag is dragging the blanket. To conclude, this scarf for a dog is a nice variant to wear once a year, but not for everyday life. 

PUPTECK Dog Floral Bandanas with Cute Pattern – 2 Pack Cactus Daisy

PUPTECK Dog Floral Bandanas with Cute Pattern - 2 Pack Cactus Daisy

Regarding that these accessories are made of polyester, do not put them into a dryer or it will shrink. Natural drying only. Cute patterns of flowers and cactuses are worth the money. This option is perfect for those who are bored with plain plaid and are ready to switch up. The accent colors will probably fit various pooches. 

Yao Yao Personalized Dog Bandana Handmade Custom Dog Scarf

Yao Yao Personalized Dog Bandana Handmade Custom Dog Scarf

This model has plenty of pleasant features: a bib for easy usage, breathable material, and an opportunity to have a pet’s name written on it. Nonetheless, it looks like a baby bib, it has its own charm. The fact that it is fully customizable with the help of different colors makes the offer even more appealing. 


Do you still doubt whether your dog really needs a bandana? Well, the decision, as always, is up to you. However, taking into account the affordable price and a cute look, a bandana is a win-win item to make your dog even more attractive. What is more, these accessories also have some useful functions you may take advantage of.