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Everything About the Dog Sunglasses: The Best Brands and FAQ

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Hanging out with your dog on the street is a pleasant pastime. But we must not forget that sunny and windy days can sometimes be harmful to dogs. For this reason, it is worth considering an accessory to protect the eyes of your pet, for example,  sunglasses for a dog.

Dog glasses are not only cute but also usefull and protective. They can help protect pet eyes from the sun, dust, and wind. Today there are many models that provide comfortable wear and durable protection. Below you will learn everything about glasses for dogs.

Top 5 Dog Sunglasses Brands That Are the Best On the Market

Let’s start by looking at the cool dog sunglasses brands that you should pay attention to. They are of high quality and affordable price.          

QUMY Dog Goggles Eye Wear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses for Dogs

Editor’s Choice

These dog UV sunglasses are suitable for daily use, as they are made of high-quality material. If you actively spend time with your four-legged friend, then this is simply an irreplaceable thing. The breathable frame provides comfortable wear, and the elastic material ensures a perfect fit on the dog’s head. Specialized holes facilitate ventilation and fogging of the lenses. Lenses provide 100% protection against rays. They also provide protection against wind, dust, sand, or dirt. The lens material is resistant to fog and water. Surely, we should also mention the fashionable design that will make your dog stylish. Therefore, this model can be considered as a universal accessory for daily wear.

Enjoying Dog Goggles

Small Dog Sunglasses

This model is a great solution for small dogs. These extra small dog sunglasses will become an indispensable thing for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. The manufacturer notes that this model is suitable for hanging out on the beach and will protect the eye not only from the sun but also from debris and sand. Such dog goggles for small dogs are waterproof, and this feature makes them versatile. By the way, these glasses are suitable not only for owners of small dogs but also for cats and even rabbits. The trendy design will be a good addition to the image of an animal that is vital to owners who loves style in everything.

Kailian Dog Goggles Stylish Waterproof Anti-Ultraviolet Sunglasses for Doggie Puppy

Owners of small dogs should consider this model. This is an indispensable thing for those pets who often have to travel by car, bike, or motorcycle. However, this accessory can be considered as necessary for dogs with an active lifestyle as a protection of the eyes from branches, wind, and of course the sun. Also, this dog sunglasses UV protection are made of their waterproof material, so they can become an indispensable thing during beach holidays or water trips. And of course, this is a fashion accessory with which you can emphasize the individuality of your pet. The model is presented in three colors.

Enjoying Small Dog Sunglasses

This model is the best dog goggles option for owners of small dogs. Lenses protect against ultraviolet radiation by 100%. The soft frame material will not cause an unpleasant sensation or dangling. This XS dog sunglasses will become reliable protection from the sun, wind, and debris and will become indispensable things for owners who lead an active and moving lifestyle with their pets. Also, these small dog sunglasses are suitable for daily wear if the dog is often transported in a car or on a motorcycle. The glasses of this brand are very stylish, made in a blue mirror color. So in addition to the protective function, they will be a great accessory.

PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles Adjustable Strap for Travel Skiing

PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses Dog Goggles Adjustable Strap for Travel Skiing

The glasses of this brand are a good solution for owners of large and medium dogs. It is worth noting immediately that these big dog sunglasses are not suitable for owners of small breeds. High-quality material provides a reliable fit and the presence of air ventilation, which is an imperative characteristic when choosing glasses. The lenses are made of polycarbonate which provides good eye protection. Glasses help reduce eye strain and provide reliable protection against wind, sun, and snow. The elastic material is well regulated on the dog’s head. The model is presented in two basic colors, namely in black and white.

Features to Consider When Buying Dog Sunglasses    

As you know, glasses for dogs are a very specific (and even unusual) product that has special characteristics. Below you will find the basic requirements that good glasses for dogs must meet.

  • Degree of protection. The main function of the dog sunglasses goggles is reliable protection. Glasses should have high-quality lenses and reliably protect your pet’s eyes. Otherwise, they will be just a cute accessory instead of being a usefull thing.
  • Quality of the material. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the materials that are used. Inelastic material can cause discomfort in the dog and even contribute to hair loss in places of wear. Also, glasses should be made of durable materials and have lenses that do not break.
  • Style. You can highlight the personality of your dog in sunglasses. Today, this will not be a problem, as brands seek to produce attractive models.
  • Size. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the choice of dog sunglasses size. Remember that each brand has its own sizes and offers instructions on how to choose the right size.

The Ultimate Guide

Below you will find answers to the most popular questions. With these answers, you can decide whether to purchase points for your pet or not.       

Are Dog Sunglasses Necessary?

There are many reasons why glasses can become a real necessity. Of course, many owners pass by such a product. But all this is due to a lack of understanding of why they are necessary. Glasses are not just a stylish accessory, but a thing that can protect your dog’s eyes and keep it eyesight.

Depending on what climate prevails in your country, glasses can become simply irreplaceable. If your dog often stays outdoors under the scorching sun or where it is very windy and dusty, then glasses will help preserve the dog’s vision.

Often, owners take their pets to sports resorts. In such places, it is essential to provide your dog with shades. Also, glasses are an integral attribute for those who often transport their pets on cars or motorbikes. It is also good eye protection for those dogs that often run into thorny bushes and are very active.

When Should My Dog Wear Sunglasses?         

Above, you get acquainted with the reasons why you should wear sunglasses dog. As you understand, glasses should be worn when there is the risk of threatening eyesight, and the lining of the eyes increases. Each time you drive with the windows open and your dog sticks its head out the window, it is vital to protect its eyes from wind and dirt. If you ride a motorcycle with a dog, then you also need to take care of its eyesight.

Even a walk during windy weather can be very dangerous for your friend’s sight. Particles of debris or sand may get in the eyes. Also, such glasses are suitable for those dog breeds that have an innate feature such as bulging eyes.

How Do I Get My Dog to Wear Sunglasses?    

Most dog owners can’t even imagine how to put sunglasses on a dog thinking about their pet. However, difficulties can arise only at the first putting on. Surely, you should treat your dog with something tasty to make it want to use sunglasses when they are needed. According to numerous reviews of dog owners who use glasses, they don’t have problems putting them on. They note that the dog gets used to such an accessory as well as to a collar.

What is more, manufacturers provide such designs that can be easily put on a pet. The material of high-quality glasses is usually very elastic, which makes it easy to put them on the dog. If your dog is very mobile, you can gently hold the dog between the legs and quickly put on glasses.

Can I Replace the Lenses On My Dog’s Sunglasses?    

Usually, in high-quality glasses, lenses are very durable and resistant to shattering. This means that dog aviators can last a long time. But sometimes it happens that it is necessary to replace the lens for a number of reasons. Most brands indicate whether lens replacement are possible.

However, such a nuance needs to be clarified at the time of purchase. Since some models do not provide for the replacement of lenses. If you believe the reviews of many buyers, then those who prefer high-quality goods have not encountered such a need. This once again underlines the fact that it is better to give preference to quality products.

Are Dog Sunglasses/Goggles Safe for Everyday Use?  

According to many vets, daily wearing glasses without extreme need will not bring any benefit. But there are conditions under which daily wearing can be beneficial. For example, some dogs have vision problems, and wearing glasses is a real necessity. It is also believed that wearing glasses at old age will help to rule out many problems that can occur in older dogs. Remember that glasses are tools to firstly protect the eyes of your pet, and only then are an attribute of style. The dog with cool glasses is not only a style. Therefore, it is not worth using if it is not recommended by the vet or if there is no risk of vision.

Do Dogs Get Snow Blindness?  

Unfortunately, dogs just as humans may suffer from the disease of the visual apparatus. Such a disease as snow blindness is most common in people, however, it can also be a problem four-legged friends. According to some studies, dogs rarely suffer from such diseases. However, such an illness occurs and this is one of the reasons why glasses may be needed on an ongoing basis. All this is due to the fact that dogs have more pigment in the iris. The disease can develop due to snow, sun, and ultraviolet rays. Commonly, this disease occurs in dogs that live in such areas that are constantly covered with snow.

Do Dogs Need Eye Protection from the Sun?

Not all dogs can be exposed to sunlight due to natural conditions. Nevertheless, there are a number of cases in which wearing glasses is a necessity. Some dogs may have very sensitive eyes to bright sunlight. This is especially true if the dog has to spend a long time outdoors.

Also, eye protection is needed for those dogs that have poor eyesight or some kind of injury that is associated with the visual apparatus. In case the dog had some kind of procedure or eye surgery, it is necessary to hide the eyes from sunlight. Dog sunglasses are also necessary in order to protect the eyelids from burns during prolonged pastime under the sun.

The Other Brands That Need Your Attention

There are the best dog sunglasses that you should pay attention to. By the way, the prices of these brands will pleasantly surprise you.

COCOPET New Version Cool Dog Goggles Pet Sunglasses Eye Wear

COCOPET New Version Cool Dog Goggles Pet Sunglasses Eye Wear

This dog in shades glasses is suitable not only for familiar activities but also for swimming. Glasses are waterproof and at the same time protect from wind and sunlight. So the model of this brand can be considered universal. The presence of foam around the lenses ensures a perfect fit, which is very significant for active dogs. The dog shades are available in five colors from basic and bright colors.

Vevins Dog Goggles Sunglasses

These dog car goggles are a budget option that has good design and quality materials. This accessory is indispensable for active ones, as it provides protection from wind, dust, and of course the sun. These dog sun goggles have holes that provide air exchange and comfortable wear. Well, in addition to the protective function, this option will become a stylish accessory. The model of these glasses is available in 6 colors.

PETLESO Large Dog Goggles Eye Protection Pet Sunglasses

These dog aviator sunglasses are suitable for owners of medium and large dogs. Stylish design and high-quality materials make this accessory indispensable for those who like to travel with their pet on vacation by car or bicycle. The design is created so that they do not put pressure on the dog’s head and do not cause hair loss during long-term wear. The model is presented in three colors, so even those who are picky about style issues will find the best option.

Namsan Dog Goggles

Such dog aviator glasses are a great solution for those who love an active lifestyle. Massive design, high-quality materials guarantee reliable eye protection for your tailed friend. Despite the massive design, all materials are lightweight and provide air exchange. In addition to protection from sunlight, these glasses provide reliable protection against wind, snow, and even dirt.

PEDOMUS Dog Goggles Dog Sunglasses Adjustable

The glasses of this brand are ideal for complementing both style and protection, regardless of the season. The producer claims that this item is suitable for protection from sunlight, wind, and snow. This model provides protection against ultraviolet and infrared light. A material is used that provides air exchange, which guarantees the absence of fogging and the presence of discomfort.

Doggles Dog Goggles/Glasses

These stylish glasses perform their protective function by 100%. Beautiful bright color and a nice price is what is worth the attention of buyers. What is more, they are equipped with specialized lenses that do not sweat inside. The lenses are positioned so that they will be at a distance from the eyes and not cause discomfort. Flexible material ensures a perfect fit on the dog’s head. This brand uses unbreakable lenses that are very easy to clean. A durable strap material will ensure long-term operation.

Doggles – ILS Shiny Red Frame with Smoke Lens

Regardless of whether you are looking for stylish dog eyewear or reliable protection, glasses from this brand will fulfill these needs. These stylish glasses have 100% UV protection. But just as importantly, the lenses are fog-proof and unbreakable. The glasses of this brand are well known to vets around the world since the brand has been on the market for more than 15 years. The manufacturer provides clear instructions on how to measure the desired size to avoid returns. 


As you can see, glasses for dogs are not only a cool accessory. Of course, a dog in darkened glasses looks very interesting and cute, but this is only one of the advantages. In addition to the stylish appearance, sunglasses are another way to protect your dog’s eyes from sunburn and dust, which means making your pet’s life more comfortable and safe.