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The Best Senior Dog Food Your Elderly Friend Deserves

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In fact, the age of your dog does not change anything – your pet still needs your care and love. And good nutrition is one of the manifestations of these feelings. All systems of both our and the dog’s bodies have the ability to wear out. Senior dogs have a sensitive digestive system and are vulnerable to different kinds of flavor enhancers and other hazardous food additives. In addition, elder pooches need more sources of nourishment to keep their system running smoothly.

A dog at the later stage of its life has slower metabolism, which reduces its daily energy requirements. Unlike snack for puppies, which is purposefully made calorie-dense to provide the dog with the necessary resources to grow and develop. Thus, the food should contain fundamental elements so the dog can enjoy life, walks on the outside, and be active for subsequent years.

The TOP 5 Options In Senior Dog Food Nomination

So, let’s not beat around the bush, but just look at the best deals on the market.

Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Natural Feed

Best Overall

This brand cares about dogs who have been struggling with an upset stomach for their whole life or acquired it only in the velvet years as it has no cereal as the main component. Although it is one of “expensive but worth the cost” options, you can be certain that there is no menace for your beloved pet. Apart from this, this dry feed has an exclusive and indispensable set of vitamins incorporated into the formula. Protein comes from a single source provoking fewer stomach complications.

Nutra ULtra


Small breeds have special demands. The main distinguishing feature of their best dry dog food for senior dogs is the presence of a group of 15 superfood components in the recipe, which deliver dietary fibre to the organism. Three sources of protein will make the dog implore for a bowl of that snack. Also, one of the customer’s senior dog food review tells that this snack does not leave any kind of lingering smell in the pantry, which is an index of quality and care. By the way, it has a chicken meal in it, which has 300% more protein than regular chicken.

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Food

Budget Pick

Obviously, opting for low-priced feed, especially for senior dogs, is not a favored resolution. However, everyone has ups and downs in their life and can not always afford kibble of premium quality. The packaging assures that it has poultry as the #1 ingredient, while it comes as the second giving way to whole grain corn, which is not necessarily hurtful ingredient. But, let’s be honest: there have been worse variants, and if you have a minimal budget, then it is better to choose this one than any other cheap dry dog feeds out there.

Blue Buffalo Offers

Best Soft Food For Older Dogs

“Pensioner” pooches can have dental problems and they tend to be less willing to mess up with the dry grind to boot. What is more, it is easier to hide pills or probiotics in the best senior wet dog food, and it will be eaten without being seen, smelled, tasted, or sensed. The feed has several sources of protein with chicken as the leading one, which itself contains ten amino acids vital to the wellness of the organism.

Pro Plan BRIGHT MIND Senior 7+ Adult Dog Food

The advertisement campaign for this brand does differ a lot from others. While others boast of their main feature as including all essential particles, Pro Plan thought about your senior friend’s mind function which is definitely not less important. There is a common misconception that fats cause diabetes, heart diseases, and even strokes. However, unsaturated fats in moderate amounts are the best thing you can give to your dog. Due to enhanced botanical oils, consuming this dry grind can lead to mental clarity and better focus. But, notwithstanding, this product has grain and gluten in it which comes from corn and rice in the structure.

Best Senior Dog Food Brands

  • Blue Buffalo impresses the clients with variety being offered. Seasonal recipes, Wilderness series, stews, Homestyle recipes, and pates will definitely find the way to the heart and stomach of your dog.
  • Nutra is known for its flawless pates, classic options, and limited ingredient options. It is appetizing even to the most demanding consumers.
  • Lams offers cheaper wet feed, however not the worst one. The analysis shows that it has near-average protein and cabs, above-average fat.
  • Purina ProPlan brand has two most popular series: Focus and Savor. While the Focus line is a classic, Savor tempts the doggies with real meat pieces mixed with dry kibble.
  • Diamond Naturals wet dog food pleases senior pooches with a perfect protein-to-fat and carbohydrate ratio.
  • Instinct has plenty of lean protein and quality fats in it. Chelated minerals help the protein to be absorbed more efficiently.

Harmful Ingredients to Avoid In Wet Dog Food

Many substances are approved as additives, but they can be both harmful and beneficial. This applies, for instance, to BHA and BHT, which are not permitted in the human diet, but are acceptable in the best canned dog food for senior dogs and actually prevent fat oxidation and protect against rancidity. Food dyes are completely unnecessary in pet food, as far as the attractiveness of feed is mainly determined by its smell and feel. Conservators are uninvited guests in any kind of snack. It is natural for the food to be stored for a limited time and in the fridge.

Points to Keep Focus on When Buying Senior Dog Food

  • In the perfect picture of the world, the snack you are going to take should correctly correspond to the age, breed, health status, and the number of calories your pet needs to consume daily.
  • If there are any contradictions, special requests, or health issues from the side of your dog, never ignore them and buy meals that will help you to cope with the current problems, or at least will not harm.
  • Read what the brand promises as for substances that prevent aging if any. Basically, it is impossible to stop time even with the right food but it is possible to support the health in its post-youth stages.
  • Do not be afraid of vegetables, a dog cannot live with only meat. Fruit and vegetables are suitable not only for vegans but for the dogs as well.
  • Gluten is not an enemy. This fashionable trend of abandoning gluten (as well as lactose and meat) began among vegans and supporters of exclusively proper nutrition, but this does not mean that the “fashionable principles” suitable for humans are also applicable to dogs. Otherwise, if your budget is not endless, do not be frightened of buying snacks without the label “Gluten-free”.

You Have Questions – We Know the Answers

Making one choice, we automatically refuse another, so we decided to give you full information on the issue that we are discussing.

Is senior dog food necessary?

Yes, it is. Retired canines have special demands: fewer calories, fewer fats, a moderate amount of carbohydrates, more easily digestible protein, preferably one kind of meat, quality sources of fibre, plant oils. Do not neglect your old dog’s needs, otherwise, your inattentiveness will lead to the dog’s obesity, heart problems, and earlier death. Choosing the best senior dog food for sensitive stomach is the way to go.

Should it be wet or dry food?

Best wet dog food for senior dogs is chewable, more appealing to choosy eaters, not so calorie-dense. In the case of seniors, it has some additional advantages: a possibility to hide pills or probiotics in it, suitable for canines with dental problems, brings less stress to the owner as the dog has fewer pretenses to not eating it. Consider trying to mix dry kibbles with wet feed as different pets have diversified preferences.

What are the benefits of senior dog meals?

In a very simple explanation, the special meals perfectly fit the physical needs of the pet in years.

What dog meal fits bad teeth problems?

Best senior dog food small breeds is an answer. You can also choose homemade snacks. There are plenty of interesting recipes online to choose from and surprise your “puppy” with. For example, you can meet meatballs, meat cakes, soups, salads, meatloaves. Of course, the meal prepared with your love is almost always better for your pet but don’t think that you may cook the same dinner for both of you  – animals are not humans and can’t be them.

What to feed senior dogs with a sensitive stomach?

The sensitive stomach requires special attention. Pick the best dog food for seniors without grains, which contain more fibre from fruit and vegetables. There are also options with probiotics and prebiotics in canned feeds, consider buying those. Choose cans which have one kind of meat as the main one, the best is poultry or fish.

Is grain-free the best dog food for older dogs?

Some cereals that cause an upset stomach and affect the overall wellness of the dog. Keep in mind that different grains have various ratios of carbs to protein. There are grains rich in protein, like chickpeas, oatmeal, soy, and grains full of carbs, like rice. There are also cereals high in complex carbs but containing no gluten, like buckwheat. Do not forget it when buying the best senior dry dog food.

Do older dogs need soft snacks?

It is common knowledge that some dogs are used to eating dry treats and if one does not have serious teeth problems then it should be ok to go on with this type of nutrition. If your dog is a rapid fan of dry food consider soaking it or mixing with just a little bit more “cushiony”. Among the top-rated senior dog food, the best pick is Purina ProPlan, which offers dry kibble with pieces of meat.

Do older dogs need more protein?

Protein builds muscle and gives nourishment. What is more, protean is usually an integral macronutrient in meat, which dogs are used to eating from the very beginning of their existence. For the more high-quality amount of this substance, think about choosing a grain-free senior dog food.

Should all older dogs eat senior food?

Nope. Once again, every single dog is a stand-alone universe. Your doggy can keep consuming regular dog snack it feels comfortable with it and there are no signs of health problems occurring over time. Also, pay attention to canned foods that are suitable for canines of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Instinct and Candidae brands make those.

What’s the No 1 cause of food-related illness in seniors?

Inappropriate nutrition and stress. Those are actually two reasons but they are tightly bound as inappropriate nutrition brings about stress, and anxiety can result in eating disorders. If having doubts, it is always better to consult the vet, let the clinic carry out all imperative tests and analyses to know the specifics of the dog’s health and body composition, and fit the nutrition to its needs.

Other Wet Food For Dogs

Diamond Naturals Dry Kibble

Maybe this is even one of the best dog food for senior dogs even despite this is quite an affordable feed of a superior nature. Numerous feedbacks report that after switching to the first bag of this dry snack, their dog lost excess weight, which was negatively impacting the joints. At the time when vets prescribe medicine and supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, this feed already has them in the list of ingredients. And a simple formula of chicken, eggs, and oatmeal cause no digestive problems due to limitation in the number of products mixed. The disadvantage seems to be that it uses little of named meats, including little animal-sourced protein.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Being made in America, this offer is affordable as there is no need for transportation, which adds up to the price. Local or national products are less pricey and don’t lose out in the taste. This particular package has fundamental amino acids, omega-3s, and omega-6 that keep the coat shiny, the eyes are happy sharp and happy, skin soft and not dry. Extra small kibble size is a very pleasant feature that will let the doggie enjoy its adorable dry snack with no choking hazard or chewing problems.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe

You can rarely see raw pieces in dog food for senior dogs nowadays. However, it was their choice before expensive and branded snacks were invented, and even before the first meeting with a human centuries ago. Raw means without heat treatment, meaning more primary nutrients are preserved. Meals packed with protein provide natural probiotics. Yes, it is not an average-price kibble, but this is the best possible choice for your dog. However, a lot of customers complain about not being sure about the raw components being present. After all, it is up to you to decide.


Salmon taste is one of the most appetizing for dogs and is believed to be the best pick for senior pooches. On the one hand, it seems weird that a pack of kibbles with 8 main ingredients costs more than the package of the same volume with more components. It should not as the more additive-free feed it the more valuable it is. Beware of ordering it online as lots of clients reported that the feed from the online store and the PetCo was completely different. Visit the local pet store and treat your canine with no caution.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Puppy

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain-Free

Average price, all necessary vitamins and other macros, a variety of meat types, natural superfoods, and fibre. Nonetheless, try to find an additional source of calcium to help the bones form properly. Try supplements or adding some other raw snacks to the dog’s diet. The main point is that this kibble is a kind of energy booster for your pet because of the special compound. No more grumbling tummy, unpredictable “results” or bad gas. Super tiny chunks are also good for treat-training. So, this is almost the universal choice in the best food for senior dogs.