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Best Dog Balls

Best Dog Balls

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Generally, all canines adore playing fetch. This entertainment ensures physical loads, promotes satisfaction of a dog’s natural instinct. Spending time together is good for a pet parent and a pup, making the bounds between them closer. A dog learns to be controlled, is trained obeying commands.

A special dog ball is the safest and the most reliable toy for this game. The great variety of these products may become disappointing.

We have reviewed in our article the best dog balls for your satisfactory shopping. We stress on their safety, quality and durability, materials they are made of, sizes and shapes matching individual needs and a character of different pooches.


Top 5 Best Balls for Dogs

West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Floatable Ball for Dogs

Еditor’s Choice

West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Floatable Ball for Dogs

West Paw Zogoflex Air Boz Dog Toy is our top choice among the best dog balls. It is worth to be nominated “Best nearly indestructible dog ball” award thanks to its durability, versatility and reliability.

Latex-free food-grade components of this dog ball are safe to be swallowed and eaten off accidentally. However, even an aggressive chewer will hardly cut it off, as the texture of the toy is soft but elastic making it really an indestructible dog ball. While human hands doubtfully manage to squeeze it, pup’s jaws may compress an item for easier grabbing, playing fetch.

Bright colors (peacock blue, currant purple and dandelion yellow) are easily traced outdoors in all terrains. The item may be used in various water reservoirs as it is made of the floating material, and is lightweight enough even for a kid.

A dog ball by West Paw is offered in two sizes for all breed dogs. A small one may easily fit in a standard ball launcher. Its diameter is 2.5 inches. A large dog ball is 4’’ and will be appreciated by a bigger pup.

Being produced by a reliable USA brand, the dog ball is free of any toxic elements, is safe and is supplied with a guarantee.

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Dog Ball

Best rubber dog ball

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Dog Ball

Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy is the best rubber dog ball by a famous brand Chuckit! The toy is safe for any pup, lasts long and will become the favorite entertainment for your fur friend.

Chuckit! dog ball is tough but elastic; however it will not break teeth or damage the gums of your pooch. Offered in several sizes, it fits in an average ball thrower. Choose a unit matching your dog’s size to avoid choking danger.

A dog ball is bouncy, light weighted, floating, offered in a bright color, thus you won’t have any problems finding it in the thick grass. A pooch will gladly chase it even in the water.

Do not leave a dog with a ball unattended to make a toy life longer, avoiding dog’s health threats.

As Seen on TV Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Ball

Best dog giggle ball

As Seen on TV Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball by As Seen on TV is our favorite dog giggle ball. Both pets and their parents love it for its simple, safe but efficient design.

This wobble ball for dogs is made of reliable soft vinyl. Pups adore its varied texture of the surface, which makes them curious to grab it. As a unit is offered in one 5.5’’ size, smaller pups may play soccer or run after it.

Its rolling is a big fun for pets. It produces jolly sounds resembling human laughter due to the tubes inside the item. No batteries are needed for this lovely wobble ball for dogs.

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Best tennis ball for dogs

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Ball Dog Toy

A tennis-sized ball for dogs, Fetch Squeaking Colorful Dog Toy by Frisco, is our favorite among the best tennis balls for dogs.

Its size perfectly fits a standard ball thrower, and together with attractive bright colors makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor pooch’s activities. It consists of tough rubber inside and soft polyester felt outside, which causes no harm to the dog’s jaws.

Pups enjoy this squeaky dog ball as it produces a funny sound when bouncing. However, it does not possess any additional squeaker inside. The toy is intended for small and middle pups of all life stages.

Gnawsome Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

Best squeaker ball dog toy

Gnawsome Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

Squeaker Ball Dog Toy by Gnawsome is our best squeaky dog ball. Your furry pal will appreciate its unique spiky texture of the surface together with a noisy sound it produces by compressing.

The product is made of the food-grade thermoplastic rubber, which is BPA-free, and safe for biting and gnawing. Soft spikes provide gentle massage of gums every time a pup is playing fetch.

Offered in three variants of sizes and a wide assortment of colors, this Squeaker Dog Ball is intended for small and medium dogs of all ages.

Features to consider when buying dog balls

The market of dog balls and toys is extremely wide. Here below we describe the main features of the best variants for your lovable pup.

Safety is the most significant factor of any pet’s unit. When selecting the most suitable toy for your canine friend, remember, that his entertainment must be not only jolly, but also free of hazards.

Thus, regardless of a variant selected, remember individual needs and peculiarities of your pup, his health state, behavior.

What a dog ball is made of

Materials and chemical elements for dog balls may differ in their physical and consuming qualities. Safety of the material is vital for dog’s health.

Mainly thermoplastic rubber (TPR), vinyl, polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are components of pup toys. Make sure dog balls are supplied by a reliable producer, certified for pooch’s exploitation and BPA-free.

However, if you are a supporter of natural materials, you will appreciate felted wool dog balls containing very few chemical components.

Capability to last long

Usually the physical characteristics of dog toys are specified by the materials they are produced of. Thus, in case of aggressive chewers, choose more reliable items of thick rubber. A dog ball should be soft and elastic. Otherwise, it may crack and injure a dog’s mouth.

Colors and sizes

Dog balls may be of different sizes matching all breeds. Choose a suitable ball for your canine companion to avoid inconveniences, accidental punctures or even a choking hazard. Bright colors of balls will be helpful when paying outside and will be easy to trace if they are thrown too far.

Additional features of balls

There are different types of pup balls aiming not only at physical loads, entertainment of your canine friends, but also for training and teaching. A good example is treat-dispensing balls, which engage your pooch mentally. Choose squeaky dog balls, whistling units, such as wobble balls for dogs, flavored toys, various textures of the surface with massage effects.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are balls good for dogs?

Actually, all kinds of balls including tennis balls are good for pooches. A fetching game keeps a dog in good shape both physically and mentally. Just control your canine when she is engaged in playing with her toy.

However, the best variant is to select a good, bouncy ball elastic and durable enough, aimed for a definite size and breed dog.

There are some tips to make your pup’s ball play safe:

  • Toss out old and shabby dog toys, avoid punctured and shredded units.
  • Tough dog balls for aged pooches may crack their teeth and damage gums.
  • Fragile items for strong breeds may break down themselves, damage the dog’s mouth, or even may be swallowed and get into the stomach.


What are the best balls for dogs?

The best option of a dog ball is selecting a toy for each dog individually. The question should be asked, is what the expected aim of a toy is.

Hard and difficult to chew balls are good for soothing purposes. They make too boisterous dogs engaged in gnawing specially designed items, thus distracting them from pieces of your furniture.

Hunting breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters demand constant fetch training. Bouncy and springy toys with bright colors for playing outdoors and chasing should be shopped for them.

Choose a ball with various uneven surfaces. This will help your pooch capture a ball easily. Anyway, take thorough control of an unbroken exterior of a ball, its cleanness to avoid injuries.

What is the best indestructible dog ball?

Usually pet parents think senseless phrases about indestructible dog balls.

In case your canine takes up a challenge – she may succeed in destroying all sturdy and tough dog balls. All pups prone to gnawing, especially, those who are left unattended, are bored or tired by some physical activity.

Take some notes to make your dog ball shopping successful and a toy more durable. 

  1. Select a proper pup toy to match a pet’s size, different for bigger vigorous animals, and smaller ones, like Dachshunds.
  2. Tend to pricier items and brands, originated from the USA. Reliable trusted manufacturers usually foresee a product guarantee and a return option in case of dissatisfaction. They also produce balls of reliable materials, which do not cause harm to pet’s health and are non-toxic.
  3. Monitor your dog when playing a ball. Use a toy, which is intended for fetching only for this purpose. Do not allow her to chew such an item. Control your dog behavior and make her obey your commands.

What size ball is safe for my dog?

Dog balls ensure a perfect entertainment, training fetch and physical exercises for your dog. Nevertheless, many pet parents avoid using balls for pooches due to hazards they implel, such as choking, accidental swallowing, poisoning.

However, a safe way to play with any toy is to look after your pup in the process and choose a ball suitable to a dog and his mouth size.

Popular tennis balls satisfy many safety demands for small and middle breed dogs, including felt material with few chemicals and visible bright coloring. However, their size will not suit big dogs, as they are too small, subject to compressing, may be torn to pieces by strong jaws and swallowed, which may cause diseases, such as volvulus and indigestion.

The dog toy market includes offers for various balls types and sizes. Therefore, it is possible to choose a variant matching your pup. Just use a common rule. A ball should be a little bigger than a dog’s mouth and jaws, to avoid choking.

Should you throw balls for dogs?

Being instinctively hunters and retrievers, pups enjoy fetch and chase games. While occasional ball throwing and capturing is usually safe, regular and frequent activities are not 100% healthy.

Be aware of the following hazardous states in dogs when using a ball thrower or practicing a game for a prolonged time.

  1. Joints and tissues injuries, cartilage damage, which may result in severe arthritis and limb problems.
  2. Accidental heart attack, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems caused by physical loads.
  3. Other situations, which may affect pooch’s health: obsessive uncontrolled dog behavior, heat break.

Usually being excited with a game, a pup ignores the pain. She cannot stop herself, and her pet parent may nor not notice changes in her physical condition, thus making it even worse.

Therefore, as for every physical activity, the recommendations of your vet are vital prior to starting regular exercises with a dog ball.

Other dog balls

KONG AirDog Football Dog Toy

KONG AirDog Football Dog Toy

This funny KONG AirDog Football Dog Ball is a combination of a tennis, football and squeaky dog ball for your pup full enjoyment.

A toy is made of soft felt. Its non-abrasive material works gently on pup’s teeth and gums. While playing fetch, a ball produces a funny sound. Due to its unique shape, the product makes a dog curious when bouncing in the erratic manner.

The Kong ball is manufactured in 3.3’’, 5’’, 6.5’’ sizes suitable for all moderate chewers.

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

This JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Ball offers many happy and funny hours even for those pups, who quickly get bored.

Designed for heavy chewing, the unit may be safely gnawed, stretched and pulled over as it is a rubber dog ball. It is made of non-toxic malleable components and has a unique design with the holes in a honeycomb shape for using a toy as a treat dispenser. Just fill it with the dog’s favorite yummy, and he will be engaged for hours in an exciting job instead of spoiling your shoes.

All breed pups may enjoy this dog ball as it is produced in 4 sizes: from 3’’in diameter toy for small pups, to 7.5’’ large dog ball for big pooches..

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball Dog Toy

Max Glow Dog Ball is a perfect offer from Chuckit! for any breed and age due to various ball sizes.

One of the prominent features of a toy, which makes it funny, is its effect of glowing in the darkness. Just 5 minutes of being exposed to bright sunlight, and 30 to 40 minutes of lightning are ensured. Besides, it makes it easy to track a ball when playing fetch games outdoors at dusk.

The ball may be easily cleaned off. It is suitable for the Chuckit! ball thrower. A pup may comfortably grip it with his jaws; no harm is caused to teeth and gums.

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Birthday Tennis Dog Ball

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Birthday Tennis Dog Ball

Bright tennis ball from Frisco is upgraded by a squeaking function for increased enjoinment of your canine friend. Without any physical squeaker inside, it produces a nice sound when being bounced.

With confetti coloring, these tennis balls are a perfect gift for the birthday to create the atmosphere of celebrations.

The product is made of non-abrasive felt outside and malleable rubber inside, which is soft, and does no harm to the dog’s teeth. A fetch game is full of joy, and your pup won’t get bored. Together with a ball thrower it makes a perfect exercises and entertainment toy.

The Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball

The Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball

Effectiveness and durability of this dog ball toy by the Virtually Indestructible Ball have been proved by decades of its usage. The trusted USA producer offers entertainment even for the most vigorous and toughest ball players.

It is made of heavy-duty polyethylene, which is safe and ready for pushing, chasing and beating. It withstands tears of paws and razor’s cuts of jaws of all active four-legged soccer-players.

The ball is manufactured in a series of sizes from 3’’ to 14’’ diameters for dogs of any breed.

Chuckit! The Whistler Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! The Whistler Ball Dog Toy

The unique texture and cutouts of these balls for dogs by Chuckit! will make every pet crazy about chasing and fetching them.

Bright colors for comfortable tracing and a whistling sound, the play is accompanied with, is attractive for pups and pooch owners.

The Whistler Dog Ball by Chuckit! is made of tear resistant rubber, thus prolonging its life even for heavy chewers. There are three options for different breed dogs, small, middle and large dog balls.

Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls Dog Toy

Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls Dog Toy

Tourna Pressureless Tennis Dog Balls are manufactured keeping in mind pups’ needs for sturdier and safer products.

These tough dog balls are made of felt, are non-toxic and cause no harm to the dog’s teeth. Rubber inside of the balls makes them extremely bouncy, which attracts attention of any canine. They do not lose this feature even when being punctured.

A pack of bright and long-lasting tennis balls is offered by Tourna in a special tote bag, intended for multiple usages. The product is supplied in a set of 18 or 45 balls suitable for a standard ball thrower.