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Best Dog Leash

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Pet parenting is important not only for your canine friend, but also for people around you. A leash is means of comfortable walking, constraining an animal and providing safety for pedestrians and pets around you until your dog is taught to obey your commands.

Thus, alongside with dog food and a dog food bowl, leash purchase must be referred to with full responsibility.

The variety of leashes is great. An appropriate one should be selected based on your dog’s life stage, breed, temperament, weight. This product may differ by material, length, width, style, type of clipping or attachments and other peculiarities. Here is our review of the best leashes for dogs and their features description.

Top 5 Dog Leashes on the Market

Leashboss Padded Handle Long Dog Leash

Еditor’s Choice

Leashboss Padded Handle Long Dog Leash

Our choice #1 among the best dog leashes is Long Dog Leash Padded Handle by Leashboss.

This strong dog leash provides efficient dog’s control and freedom, and its owner’s comfort. One of the best long dog leads, it is designed one-length for efficient dog training purposes and jolly walks. However, it offers versatility with a metal D-ring near a hand loop, making it half-length for moving in the intense city traffic or tying a dog in the confined premises.

Comfortable grip is ensured by a neoprene padded loop in the end of the leash. It fits comfortably the hand and may be twisted around the wrist for additional security. Sturdy metal hardware is durable and offers additional functions (e.g. D-ring with possibility to attach keys, bags, etc.).

Being middle-sized and large dog leash, it is proposed in two length: 10 and 15 ft. Five year warranty is an additional bonus for this perfect purchase.

Max and Neo Dog Gear Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash


Max and Neo Dog Gear Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash

We value Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash by Max and Neo Dog Gear as the 2nd one in our rating for its stylish design and useful functions.

This is a medium-sized leash for everyday walks in any weather conditions, day and nighttime. Its webbing is made of water resistant nylon material, stitched with light reflective threads. A reliable D-ring may be used as additional mount for poop bags, dog toys, etc.

Two loops provide prefect versatility: one is in the end of the leash for regular walking; another one is at 19’’ distance from a snap clip for walking with a dog side by side. The loops are soft touch neoprene padded.

The product is one-length (6 ft.) with reliable hardware. It has lifetime warranty. A collar or a leash is donated to dogs in shelters by each item purchase according to a company’s charity program.

PetSafe Premier Nylon Dog Leash

Best Budget Buy

PetSafe Premier Nylon Dog Leash

Premier Nylon Dog Leash by PetSafe is our choice for Best Budget Buy. We vote for its functionality and attractive design, which suits any pet and his parent.

Leash webbing is made of secure nylon tissue and ends with a durable metal snap bolt clip. It twists and bends to avoid entanglement. The item is offered in various colors for you and your pet to be always in style. It comes to various collars and harnesses.

This product is offered for pooches of any breed. The variety includes three different widths (1’’, 3/4’’, 3/8’’) for different pet sizes.

The length of a leash may be 4 or 6 ft., a warranty period is 1 year.

Logical Leather Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Best heavy duty dog leash

Logical Leather Heavy Duty Dog Leash

Logical Leather Heavy Duty Dog Leash may be used in any weather and wear conditions, for up to 245 lbs. pull load. Thus, it has been our choice for the best heavy duty dog leash.

It is made of genuine leather to provide immediate control over a pet. It is thick and sturdy, however, is lightweight enough to be used with the smallest dog breeds.

Nickel solid brass clips ensure control and safety with collar attachments. Multiple tests revealed its effectiveness for dog walking, running and training even for police or military service purposes.

The assortment of leashes includes various color designs of 6 ft. units length and 3/8’’ width. Lifetime warranty supports a product in case you need to substitute it for any reason.

Flexi Classic Retractable Tape Dog Leash

Dog leash for small dogs

Flexi Classic Retractable Tape Dog Leash

We appreciate Classic Retractable Tape Dog Leash by Flexi as the best small dog leash. However, due to various dimensions, it may be used for all breeds from 33 to 110 lb. weight. 

Flexi leash is secure, has reliable clipping and plastic elements of the retractable mechanism and sturdy lead material. The grip, which is housing spring elements, is ergonomic, fits conveniently in the hand and may be operated intuitively. The braking system confidently and quickly controls your pet moves, allowing it much freedom at the same time.

Retractable mechanism is weather resistant. However, being exposed to mud or water, it demands careful cleaning and drying. Leave the cord out of the housing overnight by fixing it with the braking button. Then use a leash as usual.

Product variants include 10, 16, 26 ft. length leashes. Additionally, 2-years warranty is offered.

Features to consider when buying a dog leash

A leash is a tool, which provides comfort not only for you and for your dog when walking it or hiking, but also is responsible for the health and safety of the people nearby.

Thus, avoid hustle decision to buy the cheapest product and try to choose one that suits all your demands and your canine companion needs. Such factors as materials, clipping, length, dog leash brands or lead types should be considered before purchase.


A leash is exposed to constant physical and environmental loads. That is why the material must be sturdy and reliable. Additionally, you may demand definite characteristics as lightweight, night visibility. Thus, the variety of materials comprises but is not restricted to nylon, leather, metallic chain, reflective fabrics.  


A leash must be securely attached to a collar or a harness. The connection should be reliable, durable and safe for dog’s health. The material of the clip may be any metal, which does not corrode with the lifespan or rust. Nickel, brass, zinc alloy are suitable for this. As for the types of clips, the most popular among them are a trigger snap clip and a bolt snap clip, withstanding high loads of dogs’ pulling or dragging. 


Functions of the leash are to keep control over a dog allowing it some freedom to move and investigate the environment. Thus, its leash must comply with these tasks and be long enough to ensure space for movements. At the same time, tangling and interfering with other people or traffic should be avoided.  

Type of leash

Depending on peculiar needs, leashes may be quite different nowadays.

  • One-length leashes (simple products).
  • Retractable or adjustable leashes, changing their length (modern dog devices).
  • Dual dog leashes (intended for two pets).
  • Leads with different grab type. The most popular are ergonomic grab handles, fitting comfortably in the hand. However, the leashes that are finished with a loop, provide more safety. They may be reliably twisted over the wrist, thus avoiding slipping off in case a dog pulls or tugs it sharply.
  • Advanced leash types include GPS for lost dog search, LED lights, etc.

No matter what you choose, think about purchasing several high quality leashes. Having a spare one is convenient (i.e. one for a car, or bad weather, for training purposes etc.).

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it illegal to walk my dog without a leash?

Leash laws are directed to keep you, your dog and your community safe.

Most states practice “running at large” status. This means that a dog is considered “at large” being out of its premises, a crate, a car or any other fenced space. Thus, a dog must be restricted by an owner or his agent by any means (leash, collar, harness).

Another status of “a leash law” is determined by each state government separately and is usually stricter than “running in large”. The fines for disobeying these laws are great and differ for each state.

However, there are few cases when a dog is allowed to walk without a leash: on special training grounds, hiking, herding, during their professional work in police or emergency service.

Why does a dog always pull on a leash?

Pulling on a leash is natural behavior of a dog, and this is the main answer to this question. This pulling activity during the walk is caused by several reasons.

  • A dog is quicker than a man. No one among humans is able to compete in running with a dog.
  • A dog is curious and likes exploring environment. Sniffing, chasing and catching is a natural type of behavior of every predatory, which is a dog’s predecessor.
  • A dog’s harness. A collar or a neck constraint may allow too much freedom to your canine friend, and encourage its running fast and pulling on a leash. Think about alternative equipment to satisfy both, you and your pet.
  • A dog is untrained. Due to its nature, a dog will always pull on a leash unless it is undergoes training. Practice walks without pulling during every outing. Be consistent and stiff about your dog’s activity and you will sure achieve success.

What is good length for a dog leash?

Length of leashes differs according to their types (regular, retractable, adjustable). Choose which one is suitable for you, according to your pet’s size, behavior, temperament, and needs. 

  1. Regular leashes.

They are the most common and may vary from 4 to 8 ft. They are the best for intense city traffic and pedestrian ways, when walking in the downtown. The shorter the leash length – the better restriction and control over your dog.

For training purposes, use a long line leash (up to 50 ft. long). It gives some freedom to your pet, allows training different commands and maintains control and connection to your dog during this activity.

  1. Retractable leashes.

This type of leashes is recommended only for trained dogs, strictly obeying its owner and performing his commands. The length of a retractable leash is usually 20-25 ft. and varies according to dog’s desire, thus giving a pet parent small control over it. Be cautious by grabbing a rope in a case of emergency, it may cause a hand damage.

  1. Adjustable leashes.

This leash type is convenient as it gives a variety of walking modes for a dog and its owner. The length of the leash may be adjusted and fixed on 4 to 8 ft. mark. Thus, you may use the shortest length in heavy traffic, and make it longer in a park or a dog playing ground for training purposes.  

Are retractable dog leashes good?

Using retractable dog leashes is controversial. Read opinions below to make up your own decision.

Supporters of this type of dog’s restrain have the following arguments pro:

  1. Retractable leashes allow dogs moving far away from a pet parent, thus proposing enough freedom to investigate environment and developing dog’s natural instincts.
  2. This kind of leashes performs its function to maintain control, provide constraints and commands to a dog simply by pressing a brake button on a handle.

Opponents’ counter arguments are as follows:

  1. Few dogs are taught to walk on a retractable leash. A pet must be trained and obey commands immediately even at long distance.
  2. The places, where retractable leashes may be used, are limited to big, isolated and spacious grounds. High density pedestrian and vehicle traffic zones may lead to leash entanglement between a dog and other people or pets. 
  3. Confined premises (offices, vet clinics, subways) demand short distance control over a dog, thus retractable and adjustable leashes are forbidden for dogs in these spaces. 

How does a retractable leash work?

A retractable leash is not actually a leash with retraction; however, it is a leash with a retractable device.

Grabbing this kind of leash, remember, that you control not a dog with it, but a retractable leash device. If any emergency appears during your walk (a car accident, or another aggressive dog on your way) you should greatly rely on yourself and your dog, not on a leash.

The mechanism of a retractable leash comprises:

  • a device holder, which is a plastic container as a rule;
  • a cord up to 25 ft. or longer;
  • a spring, which is housed in the device and returns the cord back;
  • a controlling knob on the holder to block a leash cord. 

A plastic container is usually finished with an ergonomic grab handle.

What is a long-line for recall training?

A long dog-training leash or a long-line for recall training differs from an ordinary lead.

It is long (up to 50 ft.) and heavy (made of marine rope or sturdy cotton canvas). It allows enough space for a dog to practice and is designed only for open grounds. 

Make recall training an obligatory part of your dog education. It will teach a dog performing commands, obeying and adjusting its behavior without incentives or rewards (tasty treats), but only by maintaining control over a dog with a help of a long-line.

How do you train a dog to walk on a leash without pulling?

Remember, that pulling a leash and moving ahead is natural behavior of your pet caused by its instincts. To be comfortable when walking or jogging, to obtain control over a dog and make it move nearby, you should train it.

To be effective in “loose leash walk” training or walking without pulling, you should remember several rules:

  1. Be persistent. If a leash is tense, stop, put a leashed hand near your navel and resume walk only when a lead is loose.
  2. Be consistent. Practice loose leash rule each time during every outing. 
  3. Control your own moves. Your activity and behavior must be the same each time you are training walks without pulling a leash.

Remember, that a dog should be educated each skill for a definite period. No miracle will happen and your leash will not stop being tense during one walk training. Teach your pooch within weeks or months necessary until a dog obeys fully. Then you’ll start enjoying your outings and hikes with your canine friend.   

Other dog leashes

Pet Fit For Life Dual Dog Leash with Bowl

Dual dog leash

Pet Fit For Life Dual Dog Leash with Bowl

Dual Dog Leash by Pet Fit For Life is our choice for the best leash for two dogs.

This best dual dog leash ensures perfect control over a pair of pups and one hand lead management. The webbing is made of nylon, and metal attachments are made of sturdy stainless steel. Your canine friends’ comfort is provided by shock absorbing tethers.

The leash is convertible. It may be adjusted to 64 and 32 inches length (the first one is for walking and training purpose, another is for confined spaces control). Design implies protection against entanglement; both animals’ moves are free. Bad weather is not an obstacle for walks and does not influence product durability. The leash lasts lifetime.

The collapsible bowl will be added as a bonus for the purchase.

Frisco Reflective Tape Retractable Dog Leash

Reflective dog leash

Frisco Nylon Tape Reflective Retractable Dog Leash

Frisco Reflective Tape Retractable Dog Leash is our Best Reflective Dog Leash choice. The item comprises the best features of a modern reliable and comfortable in use device for long walks with your furry friend.

Reflective stitch of a tape helps keep a pet visible at dusk and dark. Besides, a variety of designs (4-color assortment, length and width of the webbing) offers an individual approach and may be combined with stylish collars and harnesses.

Its retractable system allows adjusting the length of the leash to both participants paces: increasing it if a dog moves ahead and shortening it when a pet runs nearby. A brake button safely controls an animal in case of emergency to avoid accidents: just push it and move forward to fix a position.

Choose your own model. This is a dog leash for big dogs, medium and small: from 12 to 16 ft. length, from 16 to 110 lb. dog’s weight; pink, red, black or blue colors.

TUG Retractable Tape Dog Leash

Retractable Dog Leash

TUG Retractable Tape Dog Leash

Retractable Tape Dog Leash offered by Tug is our choice for the best retractable dog leash.

It offers a reliable mechanism for leash retraction housed inside of an ergonomic handle, which fits comfortably in the hand. Just press a button to control your dog movements and avoid unwanted collisions. It has functions of pausing and resuming, locking and unlocking a leash at definite length.

The webbing is made of sturdy nylon fabric, has 360-degree twisting feature preventing tangling and a variety of color and sizes.

Choose a suitable lead for your pup depending on its weigh (small one up to 33 lb.; medium – 55 lb., large – 110 lb.)

Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash

Rope Dog Leash

Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash

We appreciate Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash as the best dog leash made of rope for its versatile functionality and thoughtful design.

This rope leash ensures comfortable and well-controlled dog walk. The system of ropes automatic spin prevents entanglement. An ergonomic handle makes two dogs restraining, directing and leading easy. Reflective stripes make dogs visible at dusk and dark.

Rope design is extremely beneficial for training purposes, as the lead is sturdy, lightweight and well managed. No strain is applied to maintain control over two dogs of any sizes due to the handle, which is filled with a special soothing gel.

Two variants of leashes are offered: one for small breeds up to 50 lb., another one for breeds up to 200 lb. Having the same length (4.5 ft.), they differ with the attachments design and total lead weight. A product is supplied with 2-years warranty.

Mighty Paw Adjustable Reflective Double Dog Leash

Mighty Paw Adjustable Reflective Double Dog Leash

Adjustable Reflective Double Dog Leash by Mighty Paw is intended for perfect controlling of two dogs, and is fatigue-free for pet parents.

Made of heavy duty nylon, it is waterproof and may be exploited in any weather conditions. Its EZ-glide hardware is constructed to prevent confusion and tangles of any sized or breed dogs. A lead length is adjusted automatically from 16’’ to 24’’.

Reflective stitch allows using the lead in darkness. A storage hook is a pleasant bonus, which comes with the leash purchase.

Being length-adjusted, the leash comes in one size, grey & green color palette, for dogs weighing up to 100 lb.

Halti Training Dog Lead

Halti Training Dog Lead

Halti Training Dog Lead is a perfect tool for dog’s education.

This leash is supposed for multiple functions: regular walks, obedience training, recall exercises. Adjust corresponding length of the lead and get a reliable and versatile instrument of dog’s control: short length for jogging and walking side-by-side, medium for tethering, long for commands training.

The leash is designed double-ended and may be used for two dogs at a time.

Two variants of sizes means different width of the product (0.7 and 1.2 inches) and one length option (78.7 inches).

Chai’s Choice Padded 3M Reflective Dog Leash

Chai's Choice Padded 3M Reflective Dog Leash

Chai’s Choice Padded 3M Reflective Dog Leash is worth mentioning due to perfect quality of 3M reflective webbing, which makes this durable dog leash visible in the darkness.

Its attachments are lightweight zinc alloy, which ensures safe and secure walking, controlling and tethering. A soft touch grab loop provides absence of strain.

Choose any of nine stylish colors for your canine companion to be always in trend.

The leash is offered 44’’ to 78’’ length and in two width options (0.8’’ and 1.0’’).