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Best Dog Tags

Best Dog Tags

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Our four-legged friends, unfortunately, are not immune to all sorts of troubles. Only in New York, hundreds of animals are lost or run away daily. Often you can see in print products an ad of the following nature: “The dog ran away”, “The pet has disappeared” or similar, and based on personal experience, we want to tell you that this type of search is the most ineffective.

We are ready to offer you a brilliant solution to this grief situation by ordering dog tags, a dog medallion, or an engraved dog address book. Exactly and only this way, people who find a lost animal and see such an address on it will be able to call and notify the owners of the find.

Top 10 Dog Tags

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag

Editor’s Choice

GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag

The addressable dog id tags in the form of a stainless steel bone with engraving will serve not only as a useful accessory but also as a decoration for your pet. You can write the address or phone number on any side.

Dr. Fremont’s Pet ID Tag Dog

Best Hanging Dog Tag

Dr. Fremont's Pet ID Tag Dog

The dog collar tags of different colors in the form of a stainless steel bone, paws, cat face, heart, or simply round are a useful accessory that will prevent your pet from getting lost. The seller will center the text horizontally vertically. The text will be engraved as readable as possible.

Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

Best Side-On Dog Tag

Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

Custom pet tags from this seller are practical and aesthetic. It is perfect for dogs of the smallest sizes, will not create any inconvenience to your four-legged friend in constant wearing.

Warner Brand Brass (gold) Tag

Best Revit-On Dog Tag

Warner Brand Brass (gold) Tag

The material used in the manufacture of these unique dog id tags is stainless steel: quality worthy of jewelers. The Tag Size: ¾” wide x 2 ¾” long, which fully guarantees its durability and strength. The contact details are engraved with a laser beam, which gives the product long service life and aesthetics. Stainless steel is an ideal material for an addressee or locket, as it is not susceptible to corrosion.

Providence Engraving

Budget Pick

Providence Engraving

Personalized dog id tags in the shape of the popular options for manufacturing. It is perfect not only for dogs but also for cats, other pets of various sizes. Material for the manufacture of the product is high-strength aluminum, which does not rust and is as durable as possible. According to the color gamut, addressees for animals can be ordered in 9 versions. The method of application is laser engraving, which makes it easy to place both text and a picture, making them beautiful and durable.

Other Dog Tags

Top Gun Pete Mitchell “Maverick” Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag

 Top Gun Pete Mitchell "Maverick" Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag

The military dog identification tag is made of stainless fireproof jewelry steel. The thickness of the token is 2 mm, which guarantees its strength and durability since it can neither be bent nor split without serious mechanical impact. The chain and clip, which are also included, are made of steel of the same quality as the token. They do not rust, do not leave marks on clothes, on the skin, do not darken.

RMP Stamping Blanks

RMP Stamping Blanks

Stylish aluminum dog tags with individual engraving will perfectly prevent your pet from getting lost. A huge range of images or your own imagination will help create a truly unique personalized tag with names or phone numbers.

GoTags Paw Print Round Stainless Steel Pet Tag

GoTags Paw Print Round Stainless Steel Pet Tag

Stainless steel dog tags with the image of a paw on the backside. Various colors are available. Lightweight. Suitable for large cats and dogs.

LuckyPet Rivet-On Pet ID Tag

LuckyPet Rivet-On Pet ID Tag

These slide on dog tags are of great quality and decent material. Made of stainless steel, such item outweighs all the pros of plastic dog tags. Available in 3 sizes.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Tag

We are all afraid that the fluffy baby will break off the leash and run away in an unknown direction.

He cannot speak, cannot explain where he lives. A dog’s tag on a collar can be the thread that helps you find it.

Any medallion can serve as an addressee. The main thing is that he keeps well on the collar.

Even the most faithful dog, which does not depart from you even a meter, may one day get lost. The reason may be – fear, the pursuit of another animal, and much more. The loss of your pet is a very big tragedy. Therefore, for a caring owner, this probability should be minimized.

An accessory that helps you do this is called a dog tag. This is a small product hanging on a pet’s collar. In shape, you can find pendant an address for dogs, a badge, a key chain, a flashlight.

The essence of all these options is the content of the address of the owner of the animal. It can be in the form of left contacts on a small piece of paper or in the form of an engraving. Efficiency from the addressee is almost 100%. If your pet is lost, it will be sure to be noticed by kind people who still exist in this cruel world, and, having noticed a tag, they will call the owner.

Types of Material

Stainless steel

These dog tags are considered the most reliable. Since the contact information is engraved, it does not deteriorate and is not erased, and thanks to the large selection of accessories on the market, you will have the opportunity to choose a token based on the size of the animal and your preferences. The inscription on such a tag can be either one-sided or double-sided, and modern technologies can give the addressee an unusual shape or decorate it with various stones and rhinestones


Such material is easy to care for: no need to clean, rinse the accessory under running water, and it will shine like new.

Features to consider when buying a dog tag


The best way to display all the necessary information on an accessory is laser engraving. The technology is based on the effect of a powerful laser on a metal, during which a thin layer is removed from the prepared surface. Careful exposure allows you to maintain the strength of the product and make the contours of the inscription as clear as possible.

Only engraving equipment of the highest level will allow you to accurately and beautifully draw up any inscriptions on the dog tag.


It is crucial that your dog tag will be of a high duration period. This characteristic will depend on the materials chosen.


As the main material of manufacture, high-strength aluminum or stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and oxidation, is chosen.


The tag should be selected according to the size of the dog. Even the lightest metal (alloy), too large for a small dog, can become part of uncomfortable ammunition. As for large or long-haired dogs – a miniature token will not be visible from afar.


As for color – it is better to choose a bright and noticeable id tag, contrasting to the color of the coat.


Choose the most streamlined shape – circle, oval, stone, or another figure, without sharp lines and edges. This is especially true for small dog tags. A common heart shape is not recommended unless the tip is more rounded.


Microchips vs tags?

Chipping – implantation under the skin of an animal microchip containing a unique code, which can be considered a special scanner in a veterinary clinic. This code is entered into the database, and with its help, you can find out complete information about the dog and its owner. Therefore, the presence of both a chip and a dog id tag is considered ideal.

What should I put on the tag?

On the token, the information should be engraved, coarsely, clearly, and as much as possible on the entire surface. Do not decorate the badge with additional patterns or design elements. It should have a clear semantic goal: so that you can quickly and from afar see the information. If possible, apply the contacts of several owners, the numbers of different mobile operators, you can name the dog and important information (for example, the diagnosis if the dog is chronically ill).

How can I attach it to the collar?

Frightened, the dog can twist out of the main collar, or harness. Therefore, it is important that the token is on additional ammunition. It can be a separate thin collar or cord, smooth and comfortable, so as not to interfere with the dog and, at the same time, which could not be easily removed. It is good if the lace is in a contrasting color to the pet’s color to be noticeable, especially if the dog is long-haired.

Final Word

One wonders: why from early childhood, we are taught to know our name and address in case you get lost, and after that, we teach our children about it. Why do we not care about our smaller brothers who cannot tell themselves where they live. Many believe that this will not affect them, but unfortunately, it is the pets that are lost that have been living in the family for many years.

There are different situations in life, but the owners of the runaway dog ​​have a real chance to save time and nerves and help their pets get home faster. If the dog has an address token, the chances of people seeing an animal with a dog tag decide to help with simple actions on their part and call you to increase. After all, the carrier of such a token is important for its owners.

In order for the token to work at the right time, the dog must wear it constantly, around the clock.

The address tag can be purchased at many pet stores. Engraving will be done there for free. It is better to take a bright one. Such a token is clearly visible on the dog with both short and long hair.

The owner decides what to write on the addressee. We can only give advice. Be sure to write two phone numbers. Your one, second close family member, if suddenly you are not in the city (country), your number will for some reason be unavailable so that this close person can always come to the aid of your dog.

Let your dog’s address badge never come in handy, but let it always be on it.

Do not lose your dogs!