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Best Inflatable Dog Collars

Best Inflatable Dog Collars for Fast and Comfy Recovery

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During the rehabilitation period, the dog needs a special collar for faster recovery. It will prevent him from licking or scratching stitches or wounds. Therefore, they will heal faster and will not become infected.

But classic cone collars are so disliked by pets. They often occlude the vision and thus interfere with the animal’s normal movement. They are also uncomfortable to eat and sleep in. Therefore, your four-legged friend gets additional stress instead of calming and relaxing for recovery. How can you avoid this? How can you minimize health risks and speed up rehabilitation without depriving your pet of comfort?

The best way out is an inflatable collar. Dog is absolutely comfortable while using it. Inflatable soft collars for dogs don’t constrain movement and don’t affect the daily life of the pet negatively.

Want your furry buddy to heal quickly without any discomfort? Then let’s choose the best protective dog collar together!

Top 5 Inflatable Dog Collars: Which Inflatable Dog Cone Is The Best?

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs

Еditor’s Choice

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for Dogs

The title of the best dog protective collar definitely goes to this item. It combines all the features of the perfect inflatable pet collar:

  • Absolute comfort. Soft facing is pleasant to touch, so it will not press, rub, or irritate the skin of the neck. And a comfortable shape will not interfere with an active full-fledged life during the recovery period.
  • High wear resistance. This blow up dog collar is suitable for animals of all activity levels and even for inveterate chewers. The material is highly durable and will easily withstand the influence of claws and teeth.
  • Ideal fit. There is a wide range of sizes so that you can choose the perfect one for any breed: five different options for any dimensions are available. Besides, the items of any size are adjustable within certain limits. So you can set up the size individually to fit your pet’s neck.
  • Easy putting on. There are special straps for attaching the product to a regular collar. Therefore, the item will fit the body snugly but not uncomfortably.
  • Convenient storage. Throwing away a thing after using it is not very rational. What if you need it one more time? After all, no one knows at what time your dog may need rehabilitation again. Classic protective cone collars are not very convenient to store, as they take up a lot of space in the closet. But as for this inflatable version, you can simply deflate it, and it will take no more space than a sweater does.
  • Easy care. The item is machine washable. So you can make it perfectly clean before storing it.

ZenPet ZenCollar Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar


ZenPet ZenCollar Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar

The perfect choice for quick and safe recovery:

  • Precise size regulation. Five sizes are available, and all of them are additionally adjustable for the most accurate fit.
  • Proven efficiency. This item has been approved by vets and has been gathering positive feedback from pet owners for more than 12 years. Effectiveness and quality are time-tested.
  • Easy and comfortable donning. Just attach it to the everyday collar and adjust the size. Everything is plain and simple!
  • Convenient wearing. The item doesn’t occlude the pet’s vision. So, he can lead the same active life as usual during the recovery period.
  • High durability. The material this dog inflatable collar is covered with is resistant to claws and fangs.

PetAZ Recovery Inflatable Collar for Dogs

Budget pick

PetAZ Recovery Inflatable Collar for Dogs

A rather affordable, but still high-quality variant:

  • Easy blowing up. A little bonus for this comes together with the product.
  • Simple putting on process. Just insert the everyday collar inside, and adjust the size with the help of a convenient strap.
  • Fast cleaning. The air bag is removable, so you can wash the fabric case. It is compatible with a washing machine.

Calm Paws Basic Inflatable Dog Collar

Best inflatable dog collar for large dogs

Calm Paws Basic Inflatable Dog Collar

A great option for big four-legged buddies:

  • The right size. This is a specialized pillow cone for dogs of large breeds. Large and X-Large sizes are designed taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the bodies of large and giant breeds.
  • Extra comfort. This protective collar doesn’t prevent a dog from normal food consumption and spending his time as actively as he can.
  • Additional relaxation for faster and calmer recovery. As a bonus, you get a calming disk with the essential oil mixture for perfect tranquility. There is a strong combination of valeriana, lavender, and nepeta cataria inside. Working together, they will help your pet relax and calm down not thinking about the pain and discomfort which a disease or postoperative wounds cause in him.

Yakalla Cone Inflatable Dog Collars for After Surgery

Best inflatable dog collars for small dogs

Yakalla Cone Inflatable Dog Collars for After Surgery

An ideal solution for a miniature pet:

  • Ideal fit. The S size of these pro collars for dogs perfectly fits miniature pets’ necks. Also, the exact girth is adjustable, so that you can easily set it up considering the individual parameters of your fluffy friend.
  • Reliable fastening. There is a buckle that securely keeps the item on the pet’s neck.
  • Ultra softness. The outer layer of the fabric is made of faux fur, which is very pleasant to touch.

Features to consider when buying inflatable dog collars


A cone collar for dog should accurately fit the neck. Otherwise, it will be impossible to use it. A too tight one is very harmful and uncomfortable for the pet. And too loose one may fall off or not bring the needed effect.

So, find out your favorite’s neck circumference with the help of measuring tape and choose the size attentively. Luckily, the majority of models are represented in a wide range of sizes from Extra-Small to Extra-Large. Besides, there are items with the adjustable size to fit your pet perfectly.

Type of fastening

A recovery cone should be worn the whole day and night without interruptions. So, it should be fastened securely for the dog not to take it off.

Vets’ recommendations

An inflatable dog collar’s target is to help your pet to recuperate faster. As this is medical equipment, not just a beautiful thing, its effectiveness should be approved by specialists.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do inflatable dog collars work?

Yes, they do. They speed up the recovery process and make it more comfortable. Inflatable collars are not less effective than classic cone protective ones. They prevent a dog from licking and scratching wounds or postoperative stitches. Furthermore, they are more convenient because they are soft and have a shape that doesn’t obstruct vision. Such collars don’t prevent pets from comfortable sleeping, eating, and doing other things from their daily routine as always.

Are flat collars bad for dogs?

Yes, they are. This type of collars is dangerous to the health of the pet. It creates excessive pressure on the neck. So, it may lead to the problems with backbone and thyroid. So better use a regular collar for everyday wear.

Speaking of protective collars, they are not harmful to the pet. On the contrary, you cannot do without them during rehabilitation. They make the healing process faster and safer. However, it is important to put them on correctly: not too loosely or too tightly. It shouldn’t subside, but in no case should it be too tight, so as not to cause pain and discomfort to the dog.

What are the safest dog collars?

The safest protective collars are inflatable ones. They don’t create any discomfort as they are soft and not heavy. They also have a convenient shape, thanks to which they don’t occlude the vision. Therefore, the animal moves freely and confidently, without fear of bumping or falling.

Besides, they are safe for your interior. Since there are no sharp corners in them, they don’t leave scratches or other marks on furniture and other surfaces the pet contacts with.

How do dogs sleep with inflatable collars?

It all depends on the comfort of the collar. With inflatable options, unlike usual ones, there will be no problem of uncomfortable sleep. Such a collar will even provide additional convenience. A blow up dog donut collar is like a pillow: soft and cozy.

Are harnesses better than collars for dogs?

Yes, they are. Harnesses are much safer and comfier. They help to distribute the load on those parts of the skeleton that are intended for this more than the neck is.

Regular collars put pressure on the neck when you control the dog. Especially if you are trying to abruptly stop him.

But speaking of protective collars, they are not harmful as they are not used for behavior control.

Should you take a dog’s collar off?

In order to use a blow up dog cone, it’s not always necessary to take off the everyday collar. There are models that have straps for fastening them to the usual collar.

Talking about an inflatable cone for dogs, it should be worn day and night without interruptions. At night, it is even more important as stitches, wounds, or rashes may worry a dog even more intensely at that time. Also, the pet has less control over itself at this time and can severely damage the stitches and you will have to go to the vet in the morning. So take care of the health and safety of your tailed friend by keeping a protective collar on at night.

Other inflatable dog collars

HOLYSTEED Inflatable Cone Protective Collar for Dogs

HOLYSTEED Inflatable Cone Protective Collar for Dogs

The ideal combination of the time-tested shape and up-to-date design:

  • Classic shape. The cone form has been proven to be effective for long years. So, be sure that it will definitely prevent your dog from licking or damaging stitches or other problem areas.
  • Modern design. Technologies are not static. So, the manufacturers have added the up-to-date solution to the classic shape. Though this protective collar has a standard form, it is not a usual plastic one, but a soft inflatable.

KONG Cloud Collar for Small Dogs

KONG Cloud Collar for Dogs

An incredibly comfortable cloud collar for small dogs:

  • Easily adjustable for an ideal fit.
  • Pleasantly soft for the comfort of your pet and the safety of the furniture.
  • Easy to care and store: machine washable, foldable.
  • Available in XS size perfect for tiny doggies.

Remedy + Recovery Xtra Strong Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar

Remedy + Recovery Xtra Strong Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar

A good choice for non-stressful and quick recovery:

  • Strong durability. There are double strengthened seams that lengthen the life of the item. Also, the outer layer is heavy-duty. It is resistant to mechanical damage with sharp objects.
  • Not interfering with normal life. The shape of this item allows a pet to eat, walk, and play conveniently.
  • Avoiding stress. The famous zoo opthalmologist has proven that canines can distinguish blue color. And, moreover, it positively influences their emotional background. So, decrease the stress caused by operation surrounding the pet with calming blue things. This item is designed in this color not by occasion!
  • Easy keeping clean. The material the product is covered with is stain-resistant. It doesn’t soak up dirt. So, anything can be easily wiped off.
  • Extremely secure fastening. Super strong wide velcro ensures that the collar will not fall off.

SCENEREAL Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

SCENEREAL Inflatable Recovery Collar for Dogs

This is the most convenient pro collar for dogs:

  • Easy to prepare for usage. It is simple to blow the item without any tools — just with your mouth.
  • Comfortable for a pet. A donut cone for dogs doesn’t occlude the vision and is not an obstacle to an active life. Besides, it is covered with soft fabric which will not irritate the tender skin of the neck or bring any other discomfort.
  • Appropriate for long-term and multiple times usage. This product is highly durable. The material the air bag is made of is very wear-resistant and difficult to damage.

VST Protective Inflatable Soft Dog Cone Collar

VST Protective Inflatable Soft Dog Cone Collar

This inflatable collar for dogs will not bring any problems neither to pets nor to their owners:

  • Undeniable comfort. The item has a convenient shape and is covered with soft plush. There won’t be even a little hint of any discomfort! Calm and comfy sleep, convenient meals, and unlimited activeness are possible despite wearing this protective collar.
  • Easy care. A zipper makes it possible to take out the air bag easily and wash the fabric cover any time it is needed.