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Best Dog Hoodies - Top-Rated Models to Choose From and How to Do It Right

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Some people are convinced that dogs do not necessarily need extra clothing because nature provided them with all necessary seasonal adaptations. However, sometimes dogs live in such climate conditions that not always suit them. Therefore, bringing a short-haired to Canada can cause some problems and that it is where dog hoodies can come in handy. They are also useful to senior doggies and puppies. And of course, this is one more way to make the canine more stylish with a dog hoodie. Dressing up makes a lot of dogs feel more ecstatic so here are out dog hoodies best picks. 

The Top 5 Leading Options In Dog Hoodies

Here are the five best choices you can make for your dog to make it warm, cozy, and stylish. 

Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie

Editor’s Choice

Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie

Being a basic and low-cost hoodie for dogs can be a good start to figure out whether your pet even needs a hoodie. If the dog is not into it, then try it on a cat. The product is truly practical since it is made with regard to fulfilling the needs of both the pet and its owner: it has a hole for a leash, it is made of soft and stretchable material, has a shorter edge on the belly and longer edge on the back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a zipper or clips thus big boys can be annoyed it you try to put it on too frequently. 

Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Clothes for Dog Cat Puppy Hoodies

Adidog is always trendy, right? What makes it comfortable are the buttons on the chest and belly area, which prevents you from pulling clothes over the dog’s head. The creative idea and excellent performance are what makes people purchase it. Check with the size chart and if your dog has unique measurements, then rely on the length only. This is a small dog hoodie for the most part.

Idepet Soft Cotton Adidog Cloth for Dog

Despite its amazing quality, thick and warm fabric, it runs small and if you order the size according to the chart, then it will definitely fit your dog snug. The design is adorable but make sure to read comments and reviews to actually know which size is your fit. This one of the versatile models of large dog hoodies, and surely, it comes in different sizes- from the x-small to 9XL. 

BINGPET BA1002-1 Security Patterns Printed Puppy Pet Hoodie Dog Clothes

This is just the right solution to keep your animal warm in a cold climate or cool weather. The main “ingredient” is cotton which will preserve the warmth and the “Security” patch is sturdy enough to not go anywhere. Numerous reviews state that owners were easily able to pick the right size since the hoodie is designed in such a way that it perfectly suits any physiques. This pet hoodie is suitable for large dogs as well.

Idepet Cotton Adidog Dog Hoodie

This doggie hoodie is popular among Amazon clients. There a lot of truthful reviews and even real-life videos from customers. And there is nothing to be surprised about: the quality and price form the real win-win option. The good feature of this suit is that the hoodie comes with a little funny trousers so your dog will be really stylish. The manufacturer states that designing this hoodie, they did everything according to the standards for humans. They used 100% cotton to make a puppy feel warm, cozy, and soft. 

Features to Consider When Buying Dog Hoodies

As you can see, there may be a lot of alternatives to choose from. Here are the main things you should be guided by while making the best choice for your four-legged friend. 

The purpose

For short-haired dogs, the criteria for choosing clothes depend primarily on the activity of the pet. If the dog is active enough to keep its body warm, then it can go without additional layers. Small breeds find it harder to retain heat. The dog must not feel any weight or discomfort that holds down its ability to move. For long-haired canines, it protects the coat from water and dirt, accordingly, it prevents you from bath time. 


Every manufacturer has its own policy of sizing its products – remember that. Take into account the type of clothing you are going to buy. If it is a very cold winter, then it would be more solid to look for an option to fit the dog in all parameters perfectly. If you are in search of a hoodie or shirt, then go for a slightly baggy look so that the animal will not become motion-less. 


We, humans, prefer to wear natural materials because they tend to be washed easier, they are lighter, more pleasant to the skin, and more durable as well. This is what you want for a dog hoodie. Hunt for breathable, lightweight, water repellent clothes. You can even choose the fabric on your own and try to make a custom piece of clothing. 


The main feature that penetrates and unites all other criteria. Dogs do not care if it is a Chanel hoodie or an Amazon dog hoodie. They care about their own comfort and warmth. Opt for optimal options. 

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are more questions and answers for those who are looking for perfect hoddie choice. 

Do dogs need a hoodie in winter?

This question must always be answered individually. Dogs that might need an extra layer of clothing over their coat are mostly of small breeds. Dog hoodie sweatshirts can be needed for sick old canines, whose organism does not cope with the task of keeping the body warm constantly. Playful dogs will consider tearing the hoodie apart if it somehow becomes an obstacle to their activities. 

At what temperature does a dog need a hoodie?

Once again, it’s all individual. It is recommended to put the clothes on a dog when it’s muddy in fall or winter. But if it is rainy, a raincoat fabric vest will be a better decision. However, you may out it over the hoddie and make the dog feel warm and dry at the same time. In any case, Keep an eye on your dogs’ feelings. If its paws are shaking and are cold, then putting on a big dog hoodie can solve the problem. There is no specific temperature that might serve a signal that it’s time for a dress-up.

How do you get your dog to wear a hoodie?

If your dog is not used to playing dress-up, then it’s just a matter of time and habit. It might be helpful to make the dog get into a hoodie with a treat: you just take a hoodie, offer your dog to dress up and support the command with something tasty. Dog wearing a hoodie is not a hard thing to accomplish after several attempts.

How do I know what size sweater to get my dog?

Manufacturers of dog clothes provide a table with measurements for each product. Each cut is based on a specific tailoring form, which can be different depending on whether we are dealing with small dog hoodies, sweaters, or sweatshirts.

The differences in size also result from the materials, the placing of buttons, Velcros, and so on. 

Otherwise, the most important measurements to take are:

  • The widest point of the dog’s chest – the key parameter;
  • The widest point of the neck – a good idea is to leave about spare 1-2 cm to give the pooch maximum freedom;
  • Body length (from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail) – keep in mind that dogs may get irritated when the material is in direct contact with their tail. 

How should a hoodie sweatshirt fit?

The answer is universal – it must cause no constraints. Dogs do not walk, move, act the same as humans. Their needs and preferences are completely contrasting to ours. It is fiction that the tighter the hoodie fits the warmer it is. If you’re choosing a sweatshirt for a long-haired dog, then a tight fit will cause the accumulation of fur under the fabric, which will make the dog sweaty and can even bring about skin problems. 

Dog’s chest is a problematic area, every breed has its own chest shape and size by nature. Boxers, Dobermanns, German Shepherds, Irish Setter, and Weimaraners are familiar with this point. The dog clothes of the wrong size cause pressure at the back of their neck and forearms. You either have to alter store-bought hoodies, make custom ones, or choose clothes that do not demand to pull them over the dog’s head. 

Other Cosy Dog Hoodie Options

Here are some more alternatives to add to your comparison list. 

Moolecole Adidog Pet Dog Hooded Clothes

Moolecole Adidog Pet Dog Hooded Clothes

This hoodie, unfortunately, is made of secondary fabric, which does not stretch properly and is not thick enough to keep a small dog warm. Even despite a stylish print, there are some doubts about its quality. 

SILD Pet Denim Jumpsuit Dog Jeans Hoodies Cool Blue Coat Medium Small Dogs Classic

Dog wearing a denim jumpsuit with a dog hooded sweatshirt is cute and it is a perfect outfit for a photoshoot. But if you plan on dressing your dog up every day in a piece of clothing made of denim, having a lot of stitches and a four-leg fit, then either your dog will feel itself a toy in your hand or it will have some skin problems. 

Howstar Pet Clothes, Puppy Hoodie Sweater Dog

Dog hoodies for small dogs are what you can find in excess on Amazon. When you come across a cheap product, do not rush to waste money on something that does not fulfill the customer’s expectation. While this Howstar hoodie looks adorable on small-breed dogs, it is made of non-stretchable material and the sizes run small. So, be careful with choosing the size of this model in order to avoid costly returns. 

EXPAWLORER Fleece Dog Hoodies with Pocket, Cold Weather Spring Vest Sweatshirt with O-Ring

Being made of fleece, this xl dog hoodie will not disappoint you in winter. The most rational reason for that dog fleece hoodie is made of the is a sturdy  fabric and does not let the snow on top of the fabric melt and make the dog wet. Another advantage is that it has no sleeves and even fits big-chested dogs, like Pitbulls and large-breed dogs.

Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs

A minimalistic plain hoodie allows plenty of room of creativity and variants of personalization. This dog cotton hoodie even fits large dogs, but the size recommended by the manufacturer’s chart fits snug, which constricts the dog’s motions. Another pro, though, it suits big-chested canines. 

CT COUTUDI Yellow Stripe Black Pet Cat Dog Hoodies Clothes for Small Dogs Shirts Puppy Casual Pullover Outfits

While it looks charming in the photos, it is the case of expectation vs reality. The fabric is shiny, low-quality, and synthetic. The stripes are poorly-made and add unnecessary stitches on the areas where the dog is most moveable. The plus is that it even comes in 5XL size getting into the category of dog hoodies for large dogs.

iChoue Pet Clothes Dog Hoodie Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt

This hoodie for dogs is unique among its colleagues. This is created especially for potato-shaped and big-chested dogs, like Pugs, Frenchies, and English Pitbulls. The fabric is 95% cotton and the piece has a wide neckline. Overall, a delightful win-win option for owners who care about their pets’ comfort.

Gooby – Fleece Vest Hoodie, Small Dog Pull-Over Hooded Fleece Jacket with Leash Ring

Keep in mind that the fleece does not stretch much. Therefore, it is suggested that you order a size up to not torture your fluffy creature by pulling it over its head. The leash ring is a practical substitute for a collar, but in poor performance, it can become a cause of discomfort.

EXPAWLORER Dog Hoodie Black – Fleece Sweatshirt Hoodies Love Mom Costumes

Funny dog hoodies are all over Instagram for sure. If you are in search of a stylish but yet efficient product then this is it. It even fits barrel-shaped and pooches with large chests. But it is the best option for constant wear because the print is ironed on and leaves more to be desired. However, the price is perfectly affordable. 

PAWZ Road Large Dog Plaid Shirt Coat Hoodie Pet Winter Clothes Warm and Soft

Feeling lost among those cute dog hoodies for yorks and looking for something actually practical? That plaid hoodie has senseless print and is made of superior quality cloth. The hood is detachable to transform into a dog sweatshirt without hood and this large dog hoodie also has snaps instead of velcro or zipper which makes it annoying to put on dogs. But this downfall makes the hoodie just less than perfect.


Still doubt whether your dog needs a hoodie? Well, sometimes this accessory can be odd   – for example, if your Husky is living in a hot country. But in all other situations, this is a good choice to protect your dog from cold and slush, making its appearance stylish in any weather.