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Best Dog Water Fountains

Best Dog Water Fountains

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Most dogs can’t get enough of cool running water, and for a good reason. In addition to being very entertaining and calming, running water is a valuable source of hydration, which is essential for your pup’s health and well-being.

Unfortunately, there are not too many ways to ensure a steady running water supply for your dog, and water left in a bowl can lose its drinking qualities very fast. The ideal solution to this problem is a dog water fountain. Here is everything you need to know about buying and using one, as well as our top picks for the best dog water dispenser.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum

Editor’s choice

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum

If there is a brand you can always count on for high-quality pet products that help you solve everyday problems, it’s PetSafe. With a 1.3 gallon capacity, this dog drinking fountain will supply your pup with a day’s worth of clean water.

The  quality of water in this fountain is ensured by the replaceable carbon water filter, and the built-in reservoir means you won’t have to fill the fountain as often as you would with other models. The fountain can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is BPA free.

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer

Budget pick

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer

The best dog water fountain for shoppers on a budget is the Gravity Waterer by Petmate. Instead of filling the device with fancy features and increasing the cost, Petmate created an affordable option that performs as well as the more expensive models.

With this dog water fountain, the water will slowly and gradually fill up the bowl. There is a choice of four capacity sizes ranging from 0.5 to 4 gallons and four attractive colours, which means you will always easily find the best one for your pup.

Trio Gato Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler

Best outdoor dog fountain

Trio Gato Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors in high temperatures, it is even more important to give him full access to a source of clean and cool water. The Trio Gato water fountain for dogs is built like a sprinkler, which adds a fun factor to the regular drinking sessions.

Operating the fountain could not be easier: your dog will instantly get the hang of pressing the fountain with his paws and receiving a refreshing splash of water in return. The installation does not require any specialized tools or skills, and you can easily adjust the pressure for your dog’s needs.

Dogit Zeus Elevated Dog Water Dispenser

Best water fountain for large dogs

Dogit Zeus Elevated Dog Water Dispenser

Bigger dogs have bigger water intake needs, and this is exactly what you will get with the Dogit large dog water fountain. Designed specifically for larger breeds, this fountain has a 200 oz. capacity, which is perfect for multiple dogs or for several days of use.

The elevated design makes it more convenient for tall dogs to use the fountain. The water here is filtered by a multi-stage filtration system, guaranteeing an always fresh supply of water for your beloved pooch.

Buying Guide

A dog water fountain is probably not the most obvious item on your shopping list. If you have only recently decided that an automatic dog water fountain is the best way for you to ensure your dog’s healthy water intake, here is everything you need to know before the purchase.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Water Fountain?

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or a newcomer, you already know that substantial water intake is one of the most important conditions for your dog’s healthy living. Drinking plenty of water helps your dog combat the heat, cool down naturally, and maintain healthy fur and skin.

You may think that simply putting a bowl of water for your dog and replacing it once a day is enough to keep your pup sufficiently hydrated. However, water in a bowl can be easily contaminated, and when it is located outside, the water becomes less and less drinkable when it warms up.

If you have the ability to replace the water in your dog’s bowl every couple of hours, you may not need a dog water fountain urgently. But since not all of us have the luxury to constantly watch the water intake of our dogs, a dog fountain becomes an absolute must-have for millions of owners. These are the biggest benefits of investing in a dog water fountain:

  • In a water fountain, the water is constantly moving, and dogs are very impartial to moving water. The fountain makes the idea of drinking water more appealing and causes your pup to visit the fountain for a quick sip more often than he would do with a standard bowl.
  • If you choose the correct capacity of the water fountain, you can supply your dog with water for the whole day or even more, which is especially useful for owners who long work hours, whereas a regular bowl can run out of water pretty quickly.
  • A dog fountain keeps the water cool by only releasing small portions of water at a time. Cool water is not only more pleasant to drink, but also offers a much-needed relief during the hottest hours.
  • Stagnant water in a water bowl is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and mosquitoes, which can cause a variety of health problems. The water in a fountain is constantly moving, preventing it from developing bacteria and parasites.
  • Even if it is not too hot where you live, an insufficient water intake can lead to a number of problems with your dog’s kidneys and liver. By offering a constant supply of fresh water, you minimize the chances of your pup experiencing those problems.

Important features to consider

When choosing the best option of a dog water fountain, pay special attention to the following features:


Most dog water fountains are made from either plastic, metal, or ceramics. Plastic water fountains are the most practical and affordable option. However, you should always watch out for the BPA Free label on a plastic dispenser — only then you can rest assured it is completely safe to use.


The most advanced dog drinking fountain models are equipped with filters. The filters are often replaceable and help not only maintain the appealing taste and flavor of the water, but also prevent various chemicals and debris from getting into your dog’s water bowl.

Water flow

Many fountains come with a standard water flow, but if your dog has special needs when it comes to the flow of the water, you can easily find models with an adjustable flow. They will allow you to choose lower flow settings for dogs who are wary of loud noises.

Right size and capacity

Perhaps, the most important parameter of a dog fountain you need to consider is the capacity. Think about the size of your dog, his water drinking needs, and how exactly you are going to use the fountain. A typical dog drinks 1 ounce of water per 1 pound of body weight.

Elevated level

If your dog is especially tall, large, senior, or has other health conditions preventing him from bending down too often, like arthritis, you should look for a water fountain that is elevated above ground for easier access to the cool running water.

Easy cleaning

Even water fountains with the most advanced filtering systems need to be regularly cleaned to maintain the high quality of water. Most dispensers can be easily disassembled and washed on a top rack of a washing machine, but some of them are far more challenging to clean.


Still have some questions about dog water fountains unanswered? We have got you covered!

What is a dog water fountain and how does it work?

A dog water fountain is a device that supplies fresh, cool water to your dog by gradually pouring it into a bowl, creating a waterfall, or functioning as a sprinkler. A typical fountain allows you to fill it at the beginning of the day and give your dog access to tasty and refreshing water for the whole day.

Do I need to attach a fountain to a hose?

Only dog fountains that are designed for outdoor use can require a connection to a water hose, although many of them do not need to be attached to a constant water supply. Most indoor water fountains should only be regularly filled, not connected to a water hose.

Does a dog water fountain keep water from freezing outside?

In most cases, a dog water fountain will not prevent the water from getting frozen under low temperatures. However, there are some options on the market that are made from thermo-resistant materials and are able to maintain the temperature of the water at the same comfortable level.