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Best Dog Muzzles

Best Dog Muzzles

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Any owner of a best friend, such as a dog, should think about his safety and that of his beloved pet. And many are more concerned about the safety of the pet than their own.

This is due to the recently spread new movement called Dog Hunter. Angry and hating dogs, people walk on walking platforms and scatter “snacks” with poisonous substances.

It is also worth taking care of the safety of people around because a dog is an unpredictable animal, it can behave differently. This is especially true for owners of fighting and guard dogs. To rid yourself and others of the problems associated with danger, you should put on a dog muzzle before a walk – this is the only and unique way of protection.

Top Dog Muzzles on The Market

BRONZEDOG Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

Editor’s Choice

BRONZEDOG Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

This dog basket muzzle is good for use in the summer. The dog can open its mouth wide enough. It does not interfere with feeling comfortable (of course, within certain limits).

Choose this metal muzzle only with a leather insert. It does not rub its face and does not allow its nose to touch the rods. Of course, it should not be used in the winter, if you do not want to tear off the dog’s tongue from the lattice.

Barkless Dog Muzzle

Best For Barking

Barkless Dog Muzzle

Barkless muzzle for dogs does not allow the dog to take things in his mouth, but at the same time, does not interfere with opening it for deep breathing. Each dog lover should have such an accessory. This item prevents barking and called “dog muzzle for barking”.

JWPC Adjustable Anti-Biting Dog Soft Silica Gel Muzzle

Best Dog Muzzle For Biting

JWPC Adjustable Anti-Biting Dog Soft Silica Gel Muzzle

Despite the fact that such a dog muzzle for biting does not look very impressive, it performs its functions perfectly, fixing the mouth of the animal well. This modification has all the advantages of metal muzzles, except for durability.


Best Dog Muzzle For Grooming


This soft muzzle tightly fixes the jaw, not allowing to open. A dog can only stick its tongue out a bit and lick its nose. Neither drink nor breathe often. Nothing will work. Therefore, the muzzle can not be worn for a long time, and for walks on hot days. You can take it on a bus trip and put it on for half an hour of movement. It is useful for visits to the veterinarian if the dog resists and snarls during manipulations.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Best Dog Muzzle For Walking

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

With the help of this special product, fastened to the dog’s face, the owner directs its movement and directs it at its discretion. This large dog muzzle is easy to fit and comfortable for long walks. A large selection of size and color allows you to choose an accessory for any dog, from a Chihuahua to a Caucasian shepherd.

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Budget Pick

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

This is a free, open muzzle that does not prevent the dog from moving its jaws. This is a kind of dog muzzles that allow drinking. It can be easily removed, it looks impressive (for the uninitiated) and will serve as a good cover for your good-natured dog. It is well ventilated. The material does not rub the face. With careful use, it will last you a long time.

Other cool muzzles to consider

Gentle Muzzle Guard Dogs

Gentle Muzzle Guard Dogs

Presented small dog muzzle is considered an inexpensive design that is suitable for all-weather dogs and is light in weight. It is more suitable for small breeds, as it has insufficient strength and is not very durable. The fabric muzzle is suitable only for puppies, completely non-aggressive dogs, for going to the vet with them.

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

This type of dog mouth guard is used just for aggressive dogs. Made of thick, hard leather, completely covers the mouth. There are only holes for the nose and holes for ventilation. It can not be worn for a long time in hot weather. The dog cannot breathe with its mouth open, and therefore it cannot cool. The likelihood of heatstroke increases several times.

Alfie Pet – Paxton Adjustable Quick Fit Plastic Muzzle

Alfie Pet - Paxton Adjustable Quick Fit Plastic Muzzle

Paxton is a little more muzzled. It closes the dog’s mouth completely, the lattice is very small, and the dog will not be able to stick his tongue through it. But he also will not be protected from a bite, and if desired, the dog can easily remove it. Plastic is not the most durable material, and with a strong blow or pressing, the muzzle will crack. It is better to use it on walks so that the dog does not pick up the scattered rubbish.



This is a muzzle for a specific task – to prevent a bite from occurring. They are bought for an aggressive and poorly managed dog. It completely and deafly closes his mouth. The dog will not be able to pull him off. They are also often used if the dog constantly picks up food on the road and does not respond to the command “No”.

Types of Dog Muzzles

Slip Muzzle

This type represents a “loop” of leather or synthetics, as well as a muzzle made like a “bear muzzle”. They ensure human safety when a veterinarian is consulted during a dog examination. During the implementation of various procedures, the muzzle is tightly wrapped around the jaws of the animal. It is worn for a short time and must be firmly and securely attached to the dog. Thus, it is not given the opportunity to injure the medical staff conducting medical manipulations with the teeth.

Basket Muzzle

  • Heavy, more suitable for large, aggressive breeds, such as shepherd dogs, rottweilers, Dobermans. Excluding the winter period, sticking of the tongue and lips to metal bars is possible;
  • With prolonged wearing, it is possible to rub the muzzle at the place of contact with the skin, especially in smooth-haired breeds;
  • The metal muzzle keeps its shape as much as possible, allowing the dog to breathe calmly, lick its lips. Good for long-haired, bearded breeds;
  • It’s safe for people, the dog will not be able to remove it and bite, but it is dangerous for the dog, especially if the dog is active, fixes the dog’s head;
  • It is durable, but susceptible to rust, especially when used in wet conditions, leather inserts may crack without proper care;
  • Designed for walking, training, excluding the winter period;
  • The ability to feed a pet, he can also pick up everything from the ground;
  • Suitable for large, aggressive breeds: Central Asian Shepherd Dogs, German Shepherd Dogs, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Dobermanns, Rottweilers, Airedale Terriers, Russian Black Terriers; medium aggressive breeds: terriers, spaniels, etc.
  • From the side, it looks aggressive.

Soft Muzzle

  • Lightweight, comfortable, practical and well ventilated;
  • They require care after use, saliva, and dirt are removed from the muzzle;
  • Not very durable, straps fray over time, the material absorbs moisture and odors, requires careful care. Designed for walking and training;
  • The possibility of feeding, and picking up food from the ground;
  • Suitable for large non-aggressive breeds: collies, boxers, medium terriers, poodles, spaniels, etc.

Leather Muzzle

  • Lightweight, holds its shape well, allows free licking, is not worth using in training and in hot weather due to insufficient ventilation of the dog’s mouth;
  • It can be used in frost and wet weather. It does not rub the dog’s skin. It can be used for shorthair breeds. The beard of long-haired breeds in such a deaf leather muzzle turns into a terrible washcloth;
  • For the owner maximum safety, a bite is impossible, securely fixed on the dog’s head;
  • The leather muzzle is durable. The skin absorbs moisture and odors. Therefore, it requires careful care. For care, after use, saliva and dirt are removed from the muzzle, periodically lubricated with camphor oil;
  • Designed for inactive walks, can not be used on hot days, and when visiting a veterinarian. The dog will not pick up anything from the ground. It will be impossible to feed it. Suitable for large, aggressive breeds: mastiffs, rottweilers, dogs, shepherd dogs, Cane Corso, medium aggressive breeds: Staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, etc. It looks aggressive from the side.

Grooming Muzzle

  • A perfectly matched grooming muzzle does not allow the dog to open its mouth, drink water, lick its lips;
  • With the right size, a person’s bite is not possible, but there is the possibility of pinching with the front teeth, easily removed by the dog, has unreliable locks;
  • Short-lived, easily removed, and chewed by dogs. After a walk, it is enough to rinse with running water and remove saliva and dirt;
  • Designed only for short trips or regular visits to the veterinarian.

Emergency Muzzle

These are the most primitive and inexpensive muzzles for dogs, the purpose of which is not so much to really protect others from the teeth of the pet, as to comply with the law. These muzzles are usually fastened with a latch behind the ears, and the diameter is regulated by a wide Velcro under the lower jaw.

Metal Muzzle

The metal muzzle belongs to the time-tested universal look of the muzzle. The material for it is a steel chrome wire. At the front of the muzzle, the net may be finer so that the dog cannot pick up food. It has undeniable advantages, among which one can note excellent air exchange and the ability to water the dog without removing the muzzle. True, in winter, it is better to insert a leather insert in it that protects the nose and lips of the animal from frostbite. One of the latest inventions is to protect the surface of the mesh with a plastic coating.

Plastic Muzzle

This modification has all the advantages of metal muzzles, except for durability: in cold weather, plastic can crack, and with a strong impact, it is not as reliable as metal. The cost of plastic muzzles is slightly lower than the metal. They are much lighter. A good option for a non-aggressive dog.

Why Would You Need a Dog Muzzle?

The rules for walking dogs are determined by the local administration of the city or territory. Somewhere they are more stringent, somewhere softer.

The exact contents of local regulations regarding dog walking are required to be reported to you at a dog breeding club.

Do not be too lazy to find the full text of existing legislative acts in order to know exactly your rights and all obligations.

But usually, a muzzle is required when walking all dogs prone to aggression, for all service dogs, for all large breeds listed in the list of potentially dangerous.

In addition, a muzzle is a prerequisite for transporting an animal by public transport (regardless of travel distance) if you are not using a carrier or a cage for a dog. You will also need a muzzle for visits to the veterinarian.

How to Safely Use

In emergency

When you see the risk of emergency calmly, turn your pet toward you and get a muzzle on him. However, it is recommended to get a muzzle on your dog prior to going for a walk for safety issues.

Risk of biting

Choose that one dog muzzle that will easily prevent your dog from biting. See the guide above to select the needed type.


In order to bring to justice the troublemaker, you need to write a statement to the local police station. It is advisable to have photos and video recordings indicating a violation of dog walking rules.

During grooming

It is best to get a relevant type of item called “grooming muzzle” when going to the vet or for some beauty procedures for your pet.

How to Get a Muzzle onto Your Dog

You need to do this from a very young age. If there is an unpleasant procedure, then it must be worn in advance. Do not remove the muzzle when the animal requires it.

Only a pleasant experience should be associated with wearing a muzzle. First, the dog must smell it without getting on, and get a treat for it. Then they put him in a muzzle or poke through the holes so that he can take it.

Encouragement should be whenever the muzzle lingers in it. When this time reaches 10-15 seconds, you can start to fasten the belts and quickly remove the muzzle, not forgetting the treats. This is repeated until the animal calmly reacts to buttoning the muzzle. Moreover, the time of his stay in it is constantly increasing.

After that, you can start walking in the muzzle, gradually increasing their time. It is impossible for the dog to take it off its own; it should be distracted at this time. If the dog wears a muzzle correctly, then it is necessary to express his praise and reward him with something tasty. Do not forget that the new ammunition should be associated only with pleasant and positive emotions.


Can a dog still eat and drink with a muzzle on?

He can still do it with relevant types of muzzles. Such muzzles are designed not to restrict the dog from natural needs.

How long should a dog wear a muzzle?

It depends on the type of muzzle, but usually, the time of wearing it shouldn’t exceed 2 hours.

Do dog muzzles work for dogs with short snouts?

Dogs with short snouts require special attention when choosing a muzzle. Even without this, the structure of their muzzle does not provide normal heat transfer, and an incorrect muzzle can become a life threat.

Can I make a muzzle out of dog leash?

Yes, in case of emergency, people tie snouts of their pets with the leash.

When to use

Manage behavioral problems

It is recommended to use a dog muzzle in order to manage the behavior of your pet. Usually, dog owners put them on to restrict barking, biting, and picking up food from the floor being outside.


Never use a muzzle as a punishment. The dog will take this item as something negative and will never let you put the mouth guard on. What will cause troubles when going for a walk.

Teach to be comfortable with a muzzle

It is good when you teach your dog to wear a muzzle from the puppyhood. In this way, he can get accustomed to this item much faster and won’t cause problems in adult life.

Dog muzzles must be worn in public places by law. This is especially true for those that belong to the special list of hazardous breeds.

When buying a muzzle, you need to put it on the dog and determine whether it suits him or not. The dog should not be able to free itself from it, but it should freely open its mouth and lick its lips. It cannot be so free as to fall off his head. In order not to rub the skin, in places where the muzzle is in contact with it, soft pads are made. Take care of that when choosing the most appropriate one for you.

Today, for any breed of dog, you can buy a muzzle of the right size – from plastic, metal, or leather mesh. But owners of small dogs prefer products made of synthetic fabric.

However, remember that no muzzle will protect others from the dog if the animal does not have proper control from its owner.