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Best Dog Cooling Mats

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The environment is not always favoring furry four-legged friends. In hot weather, undergoing high temperatures and extreme heating, dogs suffer greatly, as they cannot get rid of their thick coats. In addition, they do not perspire and their thermoregulation mechanism is limited by panting or licking themselves.

These factors may lead not only to inconveniences, discomfort for your puppy, but also to conditions that are more serious: overeating, heat stroke, hyperthermia. Using an electric fan or conditioner is the way out; however, it is not always possible and may lead to enormous bills for electricity.

Efficient methods for dog’s parents to help a pet feel better are cooling pads for dogs. Being elaborated with an aim to soothe the effect of hot environments, these products have various advantages: they are cost-efficient, always at hand and ready for use.

The wide collection of their variants and description of their features will help you to choose the best one for your dog.

Top 5 cooling beds for dogs

Arf Pets Self-Cooling Solid Gel Dog Mat

Arf Pets Self-Cooling Solid Gel Dog Mat

Arf Pets Self-Cooling Dog Mat is our favorite product for the best cooling dog mats. The mat by Arf Pets offers the best durability, soothing effect and thermal comfort for your canine friend.

Its interior is non-toxic solid gel, which is safe for accidental puncturing. There is no danger of poisoning. Its consistency is soft and retains low temperatures for 3 – 4 hour of uninterrupted usage. To recharge the mat no outer power is needed: no fridge, electricity or other power charging. Just leave a cooling pad for dogs for 10-15 minutes and it will restore its cooling qualities again.

An interior cover of Arf Pets Self-Cooling Dog Mat is designated to be comfy and durable. The material is nylon, easy to wipe clean. No refill, water, additional chemicals are needed for its proper functioning. 

A mat is perfect for various usage, is good for folding and taking along in cars, crates. Older dogs, pups with ailments will feel a soothing and calming effect in case of arthritis, joint inflammation. Three variants of sizes are offered to fit your four-legged friend’s individuality: 23’’x 35’’, 27’’x 43’’, 35’’x 55’’.

The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Dog Pad


Our next recommendation for the Runner-up among cooling pads for dogs is Self-Cooling Dog Pad by The Green Pet Shop.

Easy to take along, fitting the most of dogs’ beds with its 5 variants of sizes, this gel-filled mat is a perfect choice for any breed pup. The animals with hip dysplasia will feel relief when resting on this mat.

The gel filler is safe and provides sufficient cooling for a hot dog at least during 4 hours of uninterrupted utilization. Its activity will restart after a quarter of an hour of non-usage.

Wash it with a mild solution of soap and water for cleaning or just wipe clean. Allow a product to dry entirely before the next usage. Store avoiding direct sunbeams and heat sources, to prolong its life cycle. 5 variants of sizes will perfectly fit any pet from tiny breeds to big creatures.

LHRXTY Dog Cooling Mat

Budget pick

We love this Dog Cooling Washable Mat by LHRXTY as it ensures sufficient comfort for your canine for a reasonable price. Additional benefit of the product is its 100% skin friendly and safe for swallowing, thus being suitable even for the most chewing dogs.

A product consists of three layers. An upper one is soft cool silk, another is 100% natural and animal-friendly cotton, the lowest is mesh. Due to this unique construction, it absorbs the heat of the pet’s body providing temperature decrease.

To achieve a better cooling effect, a cooling pad for dogs may be soaked and wringed dry, placed for a while in the freezer and then laid on any surface for a pup’s usage: crate, floor, summer lawn, car. The product is foldable, thus easy to take along for a journey or a hike.

The cooling mat for a dog ensures 3-5 degrees difference from the environment and a soothing effect for pups  with special needs, joints issues, older canines, pets after surgery. The variety of sizes (up to 5 types) provides a sleeping and resting cooling surface for animals from small breeds to extra-large ones. You may choose your favorite color from 5 available. 

Coleman Comfort Cooling Gel Mat

Best Cooling Pad for Small Dogs

Coleman  Comfort Cooling Gel Mat

This gel-filled dog cooling bed is ideal for a pup of small or medium size, as its dimensions are designed exactly for these breeds.

The item allows comfortable rest, ailments soothing and 5-10 degrees cooling for your four-legged friend. Its versatile usage is intended for both inside of house utilization, as well as for outings (cars, lawns, all kinds of carriers).

The cooling mat for dogs by Coleman comprises the gel filler for cooling purposes. It is activated by the weight of an animal and demands no additional power to restore its functioning. Just leave an item non-used for 10 minutes.

Its maintenance demands no special operations, just wipe clean it regularly.

SOMOYA Washable Summer Cooling Non-Toxic Mat

Best Cooling Pad for Large Dogs

SOMOYA Washable Summer Cooling Non-Toxic Mat

One of our favorite cooling mats for dogs is Dog Self Cooling Mat by Somoya. We love it for its 100% safety and high effectiveness for soothing and temperature decreasing purposes.

Its 3-layer design is intended to ensure 3-5 degrees difference with the outer temperature to give a dehydrated and panting pup relief in hot weather, and soothe a canine with some pains or swell.

An upper nylon soft cover, cotton and breathable internal mash provide self-cooling. Altogether, a mat doesn’t need any additional freezing, watering or powering.

The item is compact enough to use it at home and outside (in any carrier, bed, or car).  Two size options for small animals (up to 30 lbs.) and for middle and big ones (up to 80 lbs.) provide additional comfort.

Features to consider when buying a cooling dog mat

If you made up your mind to purchase a cooling pad for dogs, here are some tips of the varieties and features of cooling blankets for dogs. Choose the best one according to your pets’ individual demands. It will become the most lovable for your pup, especially on hot days.

Dog cooling mats types

Primarily, there are two types of dog pads for cooling: water-cooling mats for dogs and gel cooling dog beds. The difference between them is in the type of the filler (gel or water).

Waterbeds for dogs are the mats with water filler and resemble human beds. Their main component to reduce temperature is water. Waterproofing material is used for containing the liquid. It subjects to punctures, and it is the main disadvantage. Thus, the quality and durability of the product much depends on the reliability of fabric.

Gel cooling dog mats are made with the gel filler inside. This chemical agent ensures better reliability of the pad due to its thicker consistency. In addition, these kinds of beds are more preferable in travels or relocations as they provide better portability.

Ensuring thermal regulation

This is the main feature of cooling beds for dogs. From 2 to 5 hours of efficient cooling is a good result for a cooling mat for pups. Longer time a pad acts as a cooler and bigger temperature difference between a body and a cooling mat for dogs’ surface makes this item useful and attractive for a dog’s owner. Factors, which ensure these qualities, are:

  • the pad’s area contacting a dog’s body,
  • thickness of a dog’s bed,
  • quantity of the filler.

Restoring its low temperature again and further functions takes around ten minutes.


Although the better cooling effect is ensured by the size of the mat, its attraction also depends on the possibility to fold and take a mat along. Thus, a cooling blanket for dogs may be utilized not only at home, but while travelling, hiking, in the hotel or a car. Its dimensions should be thoroughly calculated to make it spacious enough and compact at the same time.


A cooling dog bed should be reliable and long lasting. Even if your pup is prone to chewing things, the sturdy and durable fabric will prolong its term of use, and you will have no need to replace it often.

A waterproof material should be cleaned strictly according to the instructions provided. Make sure, no aggressive chemical is used to make it tidy. They may damage the cloth or become a reason for a dog’s allergy and skin issues.

Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are cooling mats for dogs?

Cooling mats or cooling beds for dogs contain special fillers inside, and are used for a dog to lay on, rest and undergo temperature decrease, because these products provide a cooling effect.

How is this result achieved? To answer this question, here are some facts about physical phenomena acting in cooling mats for dogs: conduction and radiation.

The temperature of a dog’s body is higher than a mat. Thus, the temperature is transmitted from an object with higher temperature (a dog’s body) to an object with lower temperature (a mat). In this process, called conduction, a dog undergoes a cooling effect. In a while, a mat is being heated.

To perform its functions further, there is a need to restore its lower temperature. It starts to radiate heat in the air, thus retaining its coolness again.

Do cooling pads work for dogs?

Cooling pads work for dogs perfectly providing 5-10 degrees lower temperature compared to the environment. Depending on the model, the effect may last up to 5 – 7 hours, ensuring that your pup becomes happier and has a cozy cooled place for his rest.

Generally, attracted by temperature differences, dogs find cooling pads themselves and occupy them. However, if your canine demonstrates no interest in an item, try to attract it by its favorite toys or treats.

Are dog cooling pads safe?

Water filled dog cooling beds are considered to maintain their effectiveness longer but are prone to punctures. Luckily enough these damages may be repaired. Conventional tapped water is needed for its filling in. It is absolutely safe for a dog if it swallows some drops.

Gel cooling mats for dogs contain a special chemical substance. As a rule, these agents are friendly to pups and cannot cause poisoning. Just buy a reliable pad made of a sturdy material from a famous brand.

What are some signs that a dog is overheated?

Being exposed to sunbeams in summer or staying in stuffy premises may lead to your pup’s overheating. The symptoms of these diseases are various, from mild fever, to high temperature, loss of consciousness, and failure in organ functioning. As dogs have limited possibilities for thermal regulations, pay attention to the following conditions to avoid severe health problems.

  • Signals in behavior. Dizziness, fainting (loss of consciousness), lethargy are the variants of changing of the dogs’ usual behavior. When overheated, a pet may be prone to frequent napping, slow movements or even sudden falling down.
  • Dehydrations signs. When an animal temperature rises above 39°C (103°F), pets’ condition is in danger. Pay attention to the following signs of dehydration: hot and dry nose, abnormal color of gums (bright red, purple or grey), excessive drinking and rare urination, abundance of drooling.
  • Blood and cardiovascular signals. These are various manifestations of tremor, frequent pulsation, high blood pressure.
  • Gastrointestinal tract response. Overheating may be manifested by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Anyway, your vet’s advice is needed in these cases.

How do you clean a dog’s cooling pad?

Depending on a variant of a cooling mat for dogs the ways of its maintenance differ. Usually, detailed instruction is provided on the label. Make sure you are supplied with it during your purchase.

Generally, the pad is usually wiped clean with a piece of soft and dry cloth. Sometimes wet cleaning with adding mild soap is recommended. Make sure the product is 100% dry before further usage.

Do cooling mats provide relief for pups with joint issues?

Cooling pads for dogs perform not only temperature regulative function. The mats with special gel fillers are good beds for the canines with joint ailments, arthritis, skin inflammations.

Senior dogs or pups with the above mentioned states will be relieved resting on these cooling beds for dogs with orthopedic effects of foam memory. Their surfaces resemble the curves of an animals’ body thus relieving his pains. They are perfect for a night sleep or day napping.

How long do dog cooling mats last?

The action of a gel-filled product lasts for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted usage. It starts working and is activated by the weight of an animal.

Re-charging occurs without any special interference, starts as soon as a pet leaves a mat. Usually within 10-15 minutes, the heat from a mat is being radiated into the air, and a pad becomes cool again and ready for work.

A water-filled cooling dog bed may last up to 7 hours. Many units are subject to cooling in the fridge or frozen; ice may be added for increasing its cooling action. When properly maintained and stored, cooling beds for dogs may have no expiration date and last forever.

Other cooling dog beds

K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Dog Pad

K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Dog Pad

K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III is a perfect choice for the water-filled dog cooling bed. We love it due to its handy maintenance and versatility.

The design provides a nylon-vinyl pad with the container for liquid inside and an easy to fill cap. Just add some tapped water, add a safe antibacterial agent and store in a cool place for a while. A product is ready for use. Then it will provide your little four-legged friend with rest and relief from hot temperatures.

The variety of sized foresees S, M and L variants for small, middle and big dogs. Maintenance is easy and includes wiping with a soft cloth and mild soap solution without a washing machine.

All For Paws Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat

Chill Out Always Dog Mat by All For Paws attracts by providing a comfy place for rest, a perfect cooling effect.

Its non-toxic gel causes no damage to a pup’s health even when swallowing by accident. Sturdy but soft material of a mat is resistant to dog’s paws and chews.

Cooling capability is restored within a few minutes of non-usage without additional freezing or watering. Wipe clean adding some liquid soap. The pad is intended for big pooches.

TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad

TechNiche International brand is famous for its unique Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad design. It is produced with the advanced HyperKewl technology and is highly effective. It ensures up to 15 degrees difference with the environment, thus providing great relief for a pooch suffering of heat or joints ailments.

An upper layer of the cooling blanket for dogs is the fabric, which absorbs and releases water by evaporation. To start its action, a pad should be soaked in water, excess should be squeezed out, and 5 to 10 hours of constant work is provided.

To clean the item, never soak it in soap water. Clean it with a brush, let dry thoroughly. 5 variants of dimensions provide an accurate rest place for a pup of any breed.

K&H PET PRODUCTS Coolin’ – Ultra Thick Cooling Orthopedic Pet Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Coolin' - Orthopedic Pet Bed

This bed is a perfect variant for the pet owners, who are concerned with relieving their dogs’ sufferings on hot days, after surgery, when having joint diseases, hip dysplasia or for older animals.

The bed is safe 100% due to absence of toxic fillers. Its activity is provided by small quantities of water, which may be easily added through a cap and orthopedic foam core.

The cooling blanket for dogs may be exploited as a separate sleeping place or as a cooling cover for dog’s beds, crates, in a car or in a garden. All sizes of pups may be conveniently fitted due to 3 types of mat dimensions.

Moonpet Pet Cooling Mat

This outstanding blanket ensures relief for a dehydrated or panting dog in hot weather by just its simple material design. It is made of ice-silky fabric, which is soft and cool providing lowering pup’s body by 3-5 degrees.

No additional watering or freezing is needed. The item is convenient for transporting, in travels, in a car, on the lawn or placed at home.

It is easy to maintain and is suitable for washing machines. 3 dimensions of the blanket are convenient for animals of any size.

Chillz Cooling Pressure Activated Gel Dog

Chillz Cooling Pressure Activated Gel Dog

Hugs Pet Products brand offers one of the best dog cooling mats for hot days or pups with joint diseases. Chillz Dog Cooling Mat is activated by the pressure of the dog’s body and is self-rechargeable. It demands no electricity, water or freezing for starting its cooling action.

The mat is filled with non-toxic gel filler. It accumulates body heat and allows effective dog’s temperature decrease, when a pooch stays on it.

The item is versatile. Due to its lightweight and compactness, it may be easily used at home or when travelling. 3 variants of dimensions will perfectly fit a pet of any size.