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KONG Dog Frisbee Review

KONG Dog Frisbee

KONG Dog Frisbee

There are many reasons why various dog frisbee toys are such a staple in the life of dogs and their owners. Rubber frisbees make the ideal toys for bonding activities. They encourage both the dog and the owner to stay active and focused.

The KONG dog frisbee is one of the most popular frisbee toys in the market. With thousands of positive reviews and impressive sales, the KONG flyer is highly recognizable and is always a good choice.

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  1. The toy is available in three sizes, making it very easy to find the right one for your pup.
  2. The two colour options, red and black, will let you instantly find the frisbee on any surface.
  3. This frisbee is made of highly durable rubber, which allows it to last longer than the competing products.
  4. The structure of the rubber helps maintain the dental hygiene of your dog.
  5. The rubber KONG dog frisbee is not as lightweight as plastic frisbee and provides for a more accurate throw.
  6. The soft rubber is safer to catch for your pooch.
  7. This toy is perfect for carrying around thanks to the flexible rubber material that can be easily folded.


  1. Since the rubber frisbee is not as rigid as a plastic one, getting used to throwing it may take some time. Plus, it is heavier than plastic frisbees and won’t fly as far as you may imagine.
  2. The KONG dog frisbee is not suited for aggressive chewers. If your dog is known for destroying most toys that appear in her path, consider one of KONG’s toys for tough chewers.
  3. This frisbee doesn’t float and cannot be used on water, which somewhat limits the scope of its use.


Despite the few cons, the KONG dog frisbee has every chance of becoming your dog’s favorite toy and giving the two of you hours of fun.

KONG Dog Frisbee